7 Tips for Moving into a Senior Living Community  

Making the decision to move into an assisted living or independent senior living community can be a stressful experience for many seniors as they enter this new phase of life. But having a plan for the move can make the transition easier and help any senior become a part of their new community faster.  

Here are our top 7 tips to help seniors transition to living in a senior living community:  

  • Find a Good Fit  
  • Understand the Fine Print 
  • Finalize Your Timeline 
  • Downsize 
  • Pack An Essentials Bag  
  • Make It Your Own  
  • Get Involved 

Now, let’s get moving on the tips!  

#1. Find a Good Fit  

Before you make your move to a senior living community, you need to decide which type of senior living is right for you or your loved one. Once you decide whether you want to live in an independent senior living community or assisted living, visit several communities and facilities to find one that best fits your budget, location, and preferences.  

  • Independent senior living communities: Age-restricted communities designed for seniors. You get the independence of living in your own home, but you will have to schedule your own care. You will often have access to amenities and activities which makes socialization and self-care easier.   
  • Assisted living facilities: Ideal when you need help with daily care but don’t need as much attention as you would get in a nursing home. These types of facilities often have rooms or apartments as well as shared areas. Generally, you will have access to activities, daily meals, care, housekeeping, and medication administration.  

Once you find the type of community you would like to live in, explore different floor plans. Some facilities and communities offer different levels of care or different types of housing depending on your needs.  

#2. Understand the Fine Print 

Senior living contracts are often long and full of legal terms, so make sure to read through them carefully. You want to ensure that you understand everything that you are agreeing to.  

This can be especially important when looking into an assisted living facility. It is important that before signing on the dotted line you agree with the level of care that you will be receiving.  

Know the level of care you’re getting. The contract should detail exactly what the staff will and will not provide as far as care, housekeeping, and meals.  

#3. Finalize Your Timeline 

When moving to a senior community, it is important to create a timeline to ensure everything gets done before and after the move.  

#4. Downsize 

Before you move, take time to consider what comes with your new living situation. Some assisted living facilities offer completely furnished apartments which means you likely don’t need to take your furniture. If you choose an unfurnished space, make sure that your current furniture will fit. You may need to sell or donate some of your furniture and get smaller pieces that will work better in the space.  

You will also likely need to scale back on smaller items if you are moving into a significantly smaller space.   

Now is also a great time to downsize your clothing and other personal items as well. It can be overwhelming to scale down your items, especially if they are sentimental or you have lived in your house for years or decades, so start early and give yourself ample time to get it all done.   

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#5. Pack An Essentials Bag   

Unpacking and getting settled into your new space can take some time, so make sure to pack essential personal and medical items in a separate bag that you set to the side, especially if you hire professional movers.  

Pack an essentials bag so you have immediate access to personal and medical items as soon as you arrive at your new home.  

#6. Make It Your Own  

We know that moving away from your home can be sad, but personalizing your new space can make it feel like home. Unpack your items as soon as possible and have family help if unpacking is difficult for you.  

Make your new senior living space cozier by hanging pictures, putting out your favorite decorations, and adding some throw pillows and blankets to the mix. Soon you’ll be all settled in!  

#7. Get Involved 

Once you are all moved in and settled, consider getting involved in the community activities that are available to you. Look for a schedule of activities if the facility or community offers organized events. They may have entertainment to watch or clubs that you can participate in.  

When you see a neighbor outside, say hello and introduce yourself. This will help you feel like part of a community and will help you make more friends if you feel lonely.  

Take time to explore, especially if you are moving to a different part of town. You may discover new stores, restaurants, parks, or other spots of interest.   

We know a move to a senior living community can be a big change, but soon you will be comfortable and enjoying the next chapter of your golden years. Take some time to relax, you’ve earned it!  

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Start Your Next Chapter  

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