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Tips To Downsize Your Stuff

Does the word “downsize” fill you with dread?  

We know it can be a challenge to downsize, especially if you are moving into a smaller space, or have sentimental items around your home, but with these tips from your friends at Florida’s Best Moving, you’ll be on your way to a clutter-free move!  

If you’re gearing up for a move, or are just inspired to declutter by the new season, here are some of our favorite downsizing tips: 

Get Rid of Anything That You Don’t Use 80% of the Time 

You have to be ruthless when downsizing, or else the “maybe I’ll use it’s” and nostalgia can creep in.  

We recommend donating, tossing, or selling anything that was an impulsive purchase that you never used, or anything impractical like gifts that you got several years ago and haven’t taken out of the packaging, or those hard-to-resist TV infomercial products.  

For the kitchen, focus on what you use to cook 80% of your meals. Are there any pots, pans, or utensils just gathering dust? Keep what you use and get rid of the rest. Is it worth it to hang onto that bulky bread maker hidden away in your cabinet you only once a year? 

Keep repeating the mantra “Less is more,” to yourself! Especially if you are getting ready to pack it all up for a move! 

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Differentiate Between Decor and Clutter 

We know that the difference between decor and clutter can get a little fuzzy. One rule to keep in mind, if you have a bookshelf that gets a little too busy visually, you have too much. If you have more decor than clear spaces, it’s time to declutter and downsize your knick-knacks! 

If You are Moving, Plan to Declutter & Downsize 90 Days Before Your Move  

If you wait until the last few weeks before your move, it’s already too late to properly declutter and downsize. Why create stress for yourself? We recommend starting the downsizing process at least 90 days before your move which gives you ample time to really get down to business and manage the process (and possible emotions); try this:  

  • Make a plan for furniture and large items first. If you are downsizing to a smaller space, there is no need to bring multiple beds, bedside tables, dressers, etc. to your new home.  
  • Study the floor plan of your new home or do a walk-through with a tape measure to get a feel for the perfect spot to place your tables, chairs, and sofas. 
  • There are plenty of places to donate used furniture here in Tampa Bay. If you need to downsize your furniture too it’s a great way to start. Our movers can even drop off your donations for you as our minimum move is just an hour. Saves you the time and stress of renting a truck or van too! 
  • Be prepared to make numerous trips to the donation center or the dump as you downsize. 

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Consider What to Keep & What to Donate 

The last thing you want to do is get rid of something that you will need to repurchase later. As you begin to go through your belongings, create four piles:  

  • Keep 
  • Sell 
  • Donate 
  • Trash (aka donate to the dump) 

It’s a good idea to plan for a garage sale if you have a good amount that you’d like to sell. You can even make it a community effort to help neighbors clear the clutter too and say bye if you’re moving away.   

We know it can be tempting to hang onto things that you once loved or that were put away for “someday” but if you haven’t used that item in a year, it’s pretty unlikely that you will use it anytime soon.  

Don’t Assume if it’s in a Box it Should Make the Move 

Don’t assume that everything that you have stored away in boxes already should come with you on your move. Open and sort through every box that you have in your closets, basement, attic, or storage unit! 

Of course, you might find the occasional gem that you want to keep, but if you haven’t used it recently or didn’t remember that you had it, it’s time to let it go!  

If you have some items that you just can’t let go of or need some more time to decide on, Florida’s Best Moving offers short and long term storage options! Give us a call today! (813) 485-6580

Digitize Everything That You Can 

All those old tax documents, files, mail, and paperwork can take up a lot of room! Plus, those boxes of paperwork can be really heavy, even for our professional movers. We recommend scanning your most important documents and shredding the rest. Once you have freed up space, your most important documents like your birth certificate can go into one single folder. 

Old videos, CDs, DVDs, photos, etc. can be digitized to free up space. Of course, as a family-owned business we like to hold onto old family heirloom photos too, although you can digitize those too for the next generation. 

Stress-Free Downsizing & Moving 

We hope these tips have helped you begin your downsizing journey!  If you are moving to a new smaller space, decluttering beforehand can be a lifesaver!  

After you’ve done all that hard work decluttering, if you just don’t want to pack and unpack yourself, give Florida’s Best Moving & Storage a call, we’ll do it for you! And if you’re not quite ready to let go and want to store your stuff, we can help you there too.  

Let us help you have a successful and stress-free move. Give Florida’s Best Moving & Storage a call today for a FREE in-home estimate at (813) 485-6580.