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Keeping Your New Home Clean & Organized After a Move

Congratulations on just moving into a new home! It may not have been an easy process getting there from packing the boxes at your old home to moving and unpacking to organizing at the new home. You may already feel overwhelmed and stressed and the process may seem never-ending. 

But you are now finally in your new space or maybe even in your dream home and you are anxious and ready to be organized and settled. Here are simple tips from Florida’s Best Moving to make that final moving step as enjoyable and stress-free as possible! 

Deep Clean Before Moving In 

Ideally, your new home should already be fairly clean upon moving in, but it is always a good idea to do a thorough deep clean before you start unloading boxes and unpacking. This may be the only time your new home is completely empty and entirely accessible for a good deep clean.  

Whether you deep clean the space yourself or hire a cleaning company, you will feel a lot more relaxed when it comes to unpacking and organizing. This will not have to be a chore you will have to focus on later. 

Reassess And Reevaluate Your Belongings 

Moving is a great excuse to finally go through all your belongings and “spring clean.” If you lived in your last home for a long time, you most likely have not gone through your belongings for a while and some items may no longer be important or needed. 

Generally, the best time to go through your items is before you move from your old place while you are packing. At that time, you can consolidate your items, donate, sell, or throw away things that you no longer use, are outdated, do not fit, or are broken. 

While unpacking and organizing, you may find other items that you realize are not needed or necessary anymore in your new home. Once you have purged these items, you will now have more space in your home and may feel more organized with less clutter. 

Set Up Organizational Systems 

Now is the perfect time to organize your home! While it is still empty take the time to purchase any organizational kits, baskets, or containers to make your closets, bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, garage, and shed more organized.  

While this may be time-consuming in the beginning, having the initial organization of your new space is a tremendous asset moving forward. When everything in your home has a place and is readily seen and accessed it will make you feel more at ease and more relaxed as you settle in.  

Focus On Larger Spaces And Items 

As you are unpacking and organizing start with larger items and end with smaller ones. Setting up large furniture first, such as beds, dressers, and couches will make an instant difference in the appearance and tidiness of your home. 

Once you have the larger items in their new place, you can get a better visual and feel for the other smaller items, and unpacking and organizing will go quicker as you now have a place to put clothes and accessories in as well as on top of. 

Also, you should tackle the basics first. You know you will spend the majority of the first couple of days in your new home eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom. Start with the kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms first.  

Keep Your New Home Clean 

Now that you have unpacked and organized your new home, it can be very helpful to adopt a new mindset to keep your home organized and tidy! New home=a fresh start!  

Here are some tips to keep your new home clean: 

Start your morning organized.  

Consider making up your bed, putting your pajamas away, and putting your breakfast dishes in the dishwasher. These simple actions can make your home feel tidy and cozy as you start your day rejuvenated and with a clear mind. 

Put away after each use.  

Instead of walking past that dirty dish or piece of clothing on the floor, if you take a quick second to put things where they belong it will make for less clean up later on. 

Focus on daily areas to clean.  

Nobody wants to spend his or her weekend cleaning and reorganizing the entire house. If you can designate certain spaces to focus on each day it will make your to-do list of chores much more manageable.  

Need Organizing and Unpacking? 

The process of moving, unpacking, and organizing should not be a burden. If moving and unpacking is not as exciting and enjoyable as you would like, consider Florida’s Best Moving and Storage. We are your one-stop-shop for all your moving needs. We are more than top local movers; we offer packing and unpacking services too! 

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