Tips to Downsizing Floridas Best Moving

Tips for Downsizing

Downsizing can be a stressful process for anyone, and especially so for most seniors who oftentimes will need to downsize due to the need to simplify their lifestyle, cut costs, be nearer to family, or due to mobility or health issues. We know that downsizing can be a daunting task, especially when you have a whole lifetime of items that can hold many special memories. Here are some tips from Florida’s Best Moving that can help make downsizing a little easier.  

Take Your Time

Start the process of downsizing early, and don’t try to go through every room in your house in one weekend. A more realistic timeline for downsizing would be to a few weeks to a month depending on the size of your house and how many items you have in it. Rushing through downsizing can make it more stressful.  

Pro Tip: Give each item in your house a few seconds of attention and decide if it is necessary, a sentimental item, or something that could be donated or sold.  

Start With Small Rooms First

To get the packing ball rolling, we recommend starting in a room of your house that has minimal emotional attachments, such as the laundry room or linen closet.  

Keep in mind that if you are downsizing into a one or two-bedroom house that more than four sets of sheets might not be necessary. The hardest rooms to tackle can be basements, garages, and attics because that is where a lot of our old hobbies, memorabilia, holiday decorations, and clutter reside.  

Eliminate Rooms or Spaces That You Won’t Have in Your New Home

Chances are that when you downsize you are going to be moving into a smaller space that might not have a garage, and office, or a craft room. When going through these rooms everything in them may need to be either donated, sold, tossed, or relocated to other rooms. 

Pro Tip: Try to organize backwards. Pack the items that you want to keep, and get rid of the rest. Our Tampa packing pros can help if you need a hand! 

Get Rid Of Duplicate Items

Duplicate items are generally found in the kitchen where you might have multiple ladles, spatulas, cookie sheets, or crockpots. Now is the time to reduce that clutter!  

Now, if you have items that you know that you use every holiday, you can keep those, or give them to one of your children to grandchildren to hold onto. We also offer great rates on storage units at Florida’s Best Moving and Storage that may suit your needs too.  

Make Only Yes or No Piles

It is hard to go through years of items especially if they have sentimental value. When going through these items, only put them into a yes or no pile. No maybes.  

Take a hard look at everything that you own. If you use it regularly, keep it. If not, it might be time to donate or sell. Don’t pack things that you know you don’t need, won’t use, or don’t like. You won’t want to deal with it at your new home. 


Reduce Collections

Humans love to collect, and our collections can become some of our most treasured possessions over the years. Moving into a smaller space might be a reason to take a hard look at your collections since they might take up a lot of space, or end up being stored in a box where you’ll never see them.  

Our movers recommend you keep a couple of your favorites from your collection and take high-resolution photos of the rest to put in a photo book to sit on your coffee table that way you keep the memories while being able to pass the item on for someone else to enjoy. 

We know that some collections are too valuable to give away or get rid of, and that is fine! Keep them. You don’t need to get rid of everything.  

Consider Giving Legacy Gifts to Family Early

Is there a set of antique plates that your daughter loves, or a grandfather clock that you plan to leave to your son one day?  

Consider giving these items to your loved ones now, instead of waiting and putting them in your will. You’ll be able to enjoy the feeling of giving these items to your family now, and have the added bonus of not having to move them! It’s a win-win!  

Use This as a Time to Bond With Family

Invite your children and grandchildren over to help you pack. This is a great time to tell the stories behind some of your family heirlooms. Having family there to help will make the task of downsizing not so daunting, and can become a chance for family bonding.  

Change is hard for everyone, and there will be moments of sadness and negative feelings when downsizing. This is all ok. Focus on the positives of your move, such as being close to family, not so much yard work, or ease of mobility. This can be an exciting time too. Our best advice would be to try to stay positive, and get excited about a simpler life with less clutter!  

Call Local Moving & Storage Professionals 

At Florida’s Best Moving, we are here to help. We take particular care of our Tampa Bay senior moving clients and their possessions through attention to detail. We can help you pack, and even offer insurance on everything you own –all while offering affordable moving rates! If there are some things that you just can’t part with, we have short and long term storage available too. Call us for a quote today: 813-485-6580 or fill out the form below!