Location, Location, Location…5 Things to Consider When Moving  

As a professional Tampa Bay moving company, we know that moving to a new neighborhood or city is a major decision. It will certainly impact your family in many ways—a few expected, and likely several unforeseen.  

The ideal spot to live differs for everyone. For many, it is a big city close to the ocean, for others, it is a small town nestled away near the mountains.  

Whatever the perfect location might be for you, you should take your time and consider every aspect of what your new area might entail. Here are five major ones to consider before deciding!  

#1. Safety 

No one wants to move to an area with high crime, and if you have a child you’ll want to do everything you can in your power to keep them safe.  

Before deciding on a location, check out the crime rates in the town that you are considering. The website City-Data.com provides demographic information on cities across the USA, including crime data.  

It is also possible to speak to the local police department in the area that you are considering for your move and learn more about the safest neighborhoods.  

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#2. Living Costs  

Other than the physical safety of your family, the cost of living in a new city is perhaps the single most important aspect to consider before deciding to move. Living costs can be tricky to determine. For instance, states like California, New York, Alaska, etc. have higher than normal median costs of living, but might have more openings for higher-paying jobs.  

If you can determine the cost of living, it is easy to pinpoint large costs such as renting or buying a house, as well as the costs of utilities.  

Make sure you take account of other expenses related to the area, including train or bus fare, highway tolls, and parking costs. They add up over time!  

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#3. Job Market  

Along with the cost of living, you’ll want to know how simple or tough it will be to get a new job once you have relocated to a new area. If you have specific knowledge, certifications, or specializations, is there a strong market for that kind of work in the area where you are planning to move? What is the average joblessness rate?  

Addressing these and other questions regarding the job market will help you make an informed choice. But this may be a moot point if you work from home and can take your current job with you, wherever you go!  

#4. The Size of the City or Town  

Some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of life inside a large city, while others prefer the peacefulness and quiet of country living.  

When choosing your new city or town, you’ll need to consider the pros and cons of your possible new home’s population density.  

Ask yourself:  

  • Will it be too loud?  
  • Will you be bored?  
  • How far away are grocery stores or entertainment?  
  • What is the nightlife like?  
  • Are there recreation areas for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or biking?  
  • What is the culture like?  

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#5. Education  

If you have children, you’ll want to ensure that they receive the best schooling possible. Keeping that in mind, investigate the local education system. How are the schools rated? Are they overcrowded? What other choices are available in addition to public schools?  

The education that your children receive is important, make sure to tour schools, ask questions, and do your research to find the best school possible.  

Start Your Adventure 

Moving to a new town or city is an adventure, and as you’ve seen, there are many things to consider before making a move. Once you’ve made up your mind on where to move, our team at Florida’s Best Moving can skillfully help you relocate, whether in town or across the country.  

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