Packing for a Move Across-Town

Packing to move is not fun—especially if you are only moving across town or a few streets away.  

While a local move may be easier to organize than a long-distance relocation, it is still a time-consuming task to pack up your home and transport them to your new place. Packing for a move across town can be a little easier though, you just need to know a few in-town moving tips that you can take advantage of.  

Here are some clever packing tips from Florida’s Best Moving for a move across town that will save you time, effort, and money.  

Downsize First 

Just as when you move across the state or country, your first step in the packing process should be to downsize and donate. Take an inventory of all your possessions and decide what you want to move—and what you want to throw away.  

To begin, sort all your items and set aside what you don’t use or need anymore such as damaged, worn out, outdated, or duplicate items. If you haven’t used it or worn it in over a year, consider donating or selling it.  

Purging these unwanted or unused possessions will save you time and effort during the packing and moving process and help you start with a clean slate at your new place.  


  • You will need to use fewer packing supplies and a smaller moving truck—saving you money.  
  • Packing, loading, and unloading will be easier and will take less time.  
  • You will only be bringing along the items that you deem practical, aesthetically pleasing, or sentimental so your new space will be free of clutter and comfortable.  

Moving tip: Create a detailed list  

of all the items that you are moving to your new home 

 so you can keep track of what is being moved  

and what goes where.  

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Overlap Move-in and Move-Out  

One of the best things about moving locally is that you can visit your new home many times before moving day.  

If you can, try to get the keys to your new home at least a week before you need to leave your old one. This way, you will be able to prepare your new home for moving in, such as getting utilities connected, cleaning, or painting, etc. Plus, you may be able to relocate some of your items ahead of time.  

  • Pre-pack seasonal or rarely used items such as decorations, hobby materials, or books that can be transported in your car.  
  • Take a load to your new home every time you go to visit, clean, etc.  

This way, by the time moving day comes, smaller items will already be at your new home and will help make moving day a little easier.  

Have pets? Here’s a moving tip for your furry friend: Consider taking your pet to your new home or apartment before moving day so they can get acquainted with the new space. Take one of their toys and leave it there so when they come back, it will feel like home.  

Pack with Care 

Even though you are only moving across town doesn’t mean that your items don’t need to be protected for the move. When moving across town, make sure to: 

  • Reinforce boxes and provide adequate cushioning. Seal them tightly with packing tape.  
  • Pack furniture and fragile items properly. 
  • Label boxes with their contents and what room they belong in. Write handling instructions like FRAGILE, in big bold letters.  
  • Leave difficult items such as oddly shaped furniture or pianos to the professionals 

Moving day doesn’t have to be stressful, especially with the help of our team at Florida’s Best Moving! Call us today for a moving quote – (813) 485-6580! 

Move Small or Valuable Items in Your Car 

While a DIY move is a viable option for an across-town move, it is best to hire a local moving company. You can move some smaller belongings yourself, and our moving pros will grab the furniture, appliances, and other large items.  

We always recommend you can pack your car with smaller items such as important documents, jewelry, electronics, heirlooms, etc.  

Bonus Packing Tips for Moving Across Town 

Here are some bonus tips and tricks to make your across town move a breeze: 

  • Leave clothing on hangers and wrap them in a garbage bag or blanket. When you get to your new home, it’s simple to transfer the hanging clothing to your new closet.  
  • Take food from the fridge or freezer with you in a cooler and put them away as soon as you arrive.  
  • Though hazardous materials like paint, propane tanks, and some cleaning supplies are prohibited to be moved by a moving company, you can easily transport them in your car. Just be sure to not expose them to extreme heat.  
  • Schedule new furniture or appliances to be delivered to your new home a few days before your move or after move-in, to avoid having to move them yourself or being delivered on moving day. That could be chaos!  

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Stress-Free Across Town Moves  

Whether you are moving down the street or across town, our professional movers at Florida’s Best Moving can help you make the move. We know how stressful even a short across-town move can be, but it doesn’t have to be! Choosing a moving company saves you time. Plus, we’re fully licensed and insured so you don’t need to worry about renting a truck and getting it gassed up and returned on time. 

Go for a stress-free move with Florida’s Best Moving! Call us today—813-485-6580 or fill out our moving quote form below.