Reasons to Hire Professional Movers Every Time

You’ve finally closed on your new space and are ready to begin your life in your new home. This exciting time can often be met with a sudden realization of all the things that need to be accomplished in what can feel like a shorter and shorter amount of time by the hour.  

We may be biased as professional movers, but we are essential assets for homeowners. However, all too often people arrive at this realization mid-way through their move once they realize just how much work a move truly is.  

Whether it’s across town or the country, let’s walk through some of the major reasons why people decide to use a professional moving company instead of moving themselves:  

  • Physical Strain 
  • Saving Time 
  • Saving Money 
  • Licensed & Insured  
  • Safe Driving (someone’s got to drive the truck) 

Physical Strain 

One area that people underestimate (and I promise you, you’re underestimating it if you’re considering a move) is the physical toll moving from your current residence to a new place can take on a person. Between moving boxes, furniture, and organizing in your new home, your body will be the first reminder of the last time you moved.  

Alongside the burden of a sore body, and exhausted mind can be one of the most taxing parts of trying to re-arrange your space. This added level of clarity can be invaluable when it comes to creating and managing the seemingly never-ending list of “things to do” that comes along with any move. 

Why let yourself take on the stress only to realize that a professional moving company was a better option? We’ll take on the work while you focus on everything else you need to do to say goodbye to your current home and hello to your new address.  

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Saving Time 

Imagine being able to go to work and at the end of your workday finding that your move is already complete. Time off requests and needing to reorganize your schedule to arrange, pack, and move boxes can be something of the past when you use professional movers.  

Save Money 

Why would you want to spend money to do something you can do for free? But is it free? 

Putting forth the cost to hire movers has the very real potential of actually saving more money in the long run. Things like renting a moving van, purchasing moving materials, taking time away from work, and repairing damaged furniture can quickly add up.  

Florida’s Best Moving offers affordable rates for local and long-distance moves and we have a 10% off offer specially for Senior moving. We also have great storage rental rates to suit any budget if you need to store your belongings between destinations. We are happy to help you move when you need us the most; give us a call for a free, no-hassle quote today! 

Licensed & Insured 

While we work hard to protect your belongings, on very rare occasions moving complications can happen. Easily the most overlooked advantage to working with a moving company is the benefit of insurance policies to make sure that your items arrive safe and sound.  

You can trust us to transport your pieces safely and quickly from home to home while knowing that our moving company is licensed & insured. We offer extensive insurance to help protect against the worst without leaving you to deal with these costs.  

Safe Driving 

Another often overlooked benefit of hiring professional movers is safe, stress-free driving of the moving truck.  

If you plan to DIY your move, a moving van will only mean more trips (and gas money) to get across town. You’ll need to get a truck that will fit all of your belongings.  

Some homeowners underestimate how much space furniture and boxes will truly take up in the truck. This often leads to rental trucks that are simply too small for the move. If you’re moving from one part of Tampa Bay to another this may not be a problem, but for a long-distance move, you don’t want to risk having to cram your belongings into a moving truck.  

Moving trucks are larger than most people realize, and someone will need to drive the truck from point A and point B. Some people may get nervous at the very question from the truck rental agency about who will drive the truck for the insurance…Our professional moving team is trained on how to drive these large trucks. And, we know how to pack everything inside to transport your pieces without leaving them in pieces. 

Hire Professional Movers Every Time 

Considering moving on your own is understandable, but you can save yourself the headaches and stress of trying to move yourself. Hire professional movers every time. Your back and wallet will thank you.   

If you are hesitant, give our family-owned and operated moving company a call. We’ll help you nail your next move by fully explaining our process, putting some of these concerns to rest, and getting you on your way to enjoying life in your new space. If you are moving across Tampa Bay, Florida, or to another state, Florida’s Best Moving and Storage can handle it all! Call for a free moving quote today.