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Nail Your Next Move: What to Pack When Checklist

We understand that moving can make you feel overwhelmed.  But packing  doesn’t have to feel like a stressful or time-consuming process. The best way to combat the frustrations of moving to a new home is to get a moving plan together to make your job easier. There is no one better than the experts at Florida’s Best Moving to teach you the best process for moving; let’s get  packing! See what and when… 

Prepare Before You Pack

Set yourself up for a successful and easy move! Start by taking inventory of your belongings and decluttering the items you no longer have use for. You can bless those who are in need of those items and this will also make the unpacking a breeze. 

Then you’ll want to have the proper materials to start packing. You will need wrapping paper or bubble wrap for your breakables and blankets to protect your furniture on the move.  Of course, you will also need boxes and tape; don’t forget a marker to label your boxes properly.   

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Where to Start Packing Up Rooms

It’s best to start in the rooms you use least, like the attic, guest room, garage, or storage areas. From there, we recommend whichever room you think will be the most difficult and the rest is downhill!  

Next up: 

  • Closets 
  • Living Room 
  • Kids’ Room(s) 
  • Bedroom 
  • Kitchen 
  • Office 
  • Bathroom 

Be sure to keep out the things you need daily like medicines and toiletries for hygiene.  I would even go a step further and say to pack those items in an overnight bag and not a box to keep them easily accessible.   

Is the thought of preparing your move getting you frustrated?  Give us a Call/text Florida’s Best Moving and Storage at 813-485-6580 and we can get it packed up for you! 

Which items should be packed first?

Okay now you have a plan of attack for which order to pack the rooms but what about where to start with the items in those rooms. Items that you do not use often and are not essential for your daily routine can be packed first. Then, work from the top to the bottom of the room (ex. Artwork and décor, then books and toys).   

Don’t forget to label the boxes so you can find the things you will need on the other side of the move.  

Pro tip: Color code boxes with different color tape or post-it notes colors for each room! This will make it easier to stay organized throughout your move!

comprehensive moving checklist tampa senior movers
A classic list to help you pack your home AND organize your life when you get to your new location!

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Pros

Now that you are all packed and ready to move, let the pros like us do the heavy lifting and get you to your new home! 

At Florida’s Best Moving & Storage, you can rest assured we will take care of your precious belongings every step of your move.  New residence not ready yet?  We have storage available to keep your things safe until your home is ready.  See our service area or give us a call/text for a quote today:813-485-6580