Packing Tips to Make Moving Day Easy

So you’ve decided to pack up and move. Congratulations! Whether this entails moving down the street, across the state, or even out of the Sunshine State, this can be an exciting yet stressful time. While relocating your entire household can be a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be! Our professional packing tips can help to make your moving experience a little less stressful. Plus, we share a can’t miss tip that really makes moving day a breeze. See packing tips from Florida’s Best Moving!

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Pack Like a Pro

Declutter, so you aren’t moving unnecessary items. 

One of the first steps to take before you start to pack, is to take an inventory of everything that you have, what you want to take, and what you want to get rid of. Get rid of kitchen items you don’t use, clothing that you don’t wear anymore, and even furniture that won’t fit into your new space. We can tell you some great places to donate items throughout Tampa Bay, and will even deliver your donation. No sense in moving something you won’t even use when you get there! 

Pro Tip:  Put items into sections or boxes labeled keep, sell, donate, and toss. This will help you visualize what you need to pack and what you need to get rid of.  

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Invest in Quality Moving Boxes

It may be easy to score some free boxes from a grocery store or other retailer, but it is best to use durable moving boxes that won’t get damaged or fall apart. This will ensure all of your prized possessions get from Point A to Point B safely and securely.  

Don’t Procrastinate on Packing

While it might be easy to hold off on packing until the last minute, you can avoid stress by packing a few boxes each day. Begin with the items that are non-essential to your everyday life, like that waffle iron that you use a few times a year, or your collection of 1950’s action figures. Packing little by little each day will help the process seem less overwhelming.  

Or hire us to do the packing (psst…we unpack everything too), then you don’t have to do a thing. Email or call us for a quote today – 813-485-6580

Pack Room By Room

This might seem straightforward, but don’t mix items from several rooms in one box. Pack room by room, and keep these boxes stacked and organized together so that when moving day comes, they can be put into the truck together which will help with unloading later.  

Don’t Overpack Your Boxes

While it might be easy to cram a random assortment of items in a big box, it is best to use as many boxes as needed to make sure that your boxes are easy to lift. No one wants to lift overly heavy boxes into the moving truck or up the steps into your new house or apartment on moving day! Make it easier on yourself (us too honestly), and don’t pack any boxes heavier than about 50 lbs.  

Pro tip: Don’t pack all of your heavy books into one box. Disperse them into several boxes with other items from your office to ensure that they aren’t too heavy and the bottom of the box won’t break! Pack heavier items on the bottom of the box with lighter items on top 

Don’t Leave Gaps in Your Boxes

Add packing paper, tissue paper, or bubble wrap to any boxes that have gaps. This will ensure that your items won’t shift or move during transit. Take the time to wrap any breakables or fragile items properly so that you can avoid breakage.  

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Save Space When Packing Clothing

Clothing can take up the most room and be one of the most time-consuming things to pack for a move. While you can purchase one or two garment packing boxes, there are a few cheaper alternatives to try.  

A couple space-saving hacks for packing clothing are: 

  • Pack hanging clothes garbage bags by cutting a hole cut in the top and then placing the bag over a group of hangers. This will allow you to hang the clothes while traveling and will also keep your clothes from getting wet or damaged along the way.  
  • Roll other clothing to put in boxes rather than folding to save space.  
  • Use a vacuum sealer to pack heavy clothes such as jackets or sweaters so that they take up less room.  

Pro Tip: Utilize your suitcases and dresser drawers for packing clothing. These are perfect spots to pack clothing because they might have been left empty otherwise. Try to use all available space! Just don’t leave anything too heavy. We’ll wrap and tape to keep everything shut too.  

Label each box with the room it belongs in to help make unpacking a simple task  

To help stay organized and make moving day more efficient, label each box with the room that it belongs in.  

Our can’t miss tiptake it one step further for super efficiency, and use colored labels or tape on the boxes and give each room its own color.  

Use the same colored tape to mark the doors of your new place so that you, or even the movers, will have an easier time putting the boxes in the rooms they belong to. Instead of having to read the labels, we can just match the color on the box to the coordinating room! 

Stress-Free Moving 

Follow these packing tips to help make your moving experience less stressful and more efficient. If you just don’t want to pack and unpack yourself, give Florida’s Best Moving & Storage a call, we’ll do it for you! 

Want your move to be less daunting, leave it to Florida’s best movers. We are a top-rated family-owned and operated moving and storage company in Tampa Bay. We ensure that everything you own will arrive at your new home safely and securely!  Let us help you have a successful and stress-free move. Give Florida’s Best Moving & Storage a call today for a FREE in-home estimate at (813) 485-6580.

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