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Hidden Costs of Aging in Place

After retirement and as you age, many individuals find themselves at a crossroad of what to do next. “Do I move to a retirement community or remain in my home?” Of course, there are plusses and minuses to each. 

Staying at home keeps you close to family, friends, your church, and a familiar social network. While this sounds ideal, there are often hidden costs involved when you decide to “age in place.” We take a closer look at what exactly what some of those costs include…

Home & Healthcare Assistance  

As you age, you may find that some of your daily tasks become more challenging. This could be anything from going to the grocery store, housekeeping, outdoor maintenance, even bathing and getting dressed.  

Depending on the required level of care, there are two main options for assistance – a housekeeper who will maintain your home and possibly run errands or a home healthcare aide who will offer hands-on care, health monitoring, and companionship. According to a recent Cost of Care Survey for Seniors, the national median cost of a home healthcare aide is $22 per hour.  

Medicare may pay for short-term care after an injury or illness but will not cover long-term health care or housekeeping services. Your best bet for easing the cost of home health care is to purchase supplemental Medicare insurance.  

If you’re having increased difficulty at home, you may want to consider moving to a facility for seniors. At Florida’s Best Moving, we are proud to be Tampa’s premier senior moving specialist. Call us for a FREE in-home estimate at 813-485-6580 

Transportation Costs

Sadly, there may come a point in time when you can no longer drive. An inconvenience, yes, but the bigger issue will be feelings of isolation and depression that result from not leaving the house. A study from AARP reports that socially isolated seniors tend to get sick more often which can lead to higher health care expenses!  

Fortunately, there are low cost options such as public transportation, catching a ride from a family member or friend, even car riding services such as Uber and Lyft. Another option, which may be covered by Medicare, is a paratransit service – a car or van with easy access and space for wheelchairs that offers curb-to-curb service.  

No matter where you live the health care network at your hospital or clinic may offer a free ride program which takes patients to and from appointments.  

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Meal Assistance  

While you may already dislike cooking, you may get to a point where preparing meals in the family home may become too challenging. Making sure you have convenient meals is key to aging in place. Fortunately, there are options should you choose to continue to live at home instead of a senior living community:

Personal Chef

With this option, you will have tasty, nutritious meals prepared in your home, but it’ll cost you! Expect to pay around $75 per meal or $500 per week.  

Meal Delivery Services  

At this day in age, there are a ton…Blue Apron, Personal Chef-To-Go, and Hello Fresh, just to name a few. Each service is different, but all are relatively easy to set up and a lot more affordable than a personal chef! The average weekly cost starts around $75 per week for a meal delivery service. 

Meals on Wheels 

Nearly every community in the United States has a funded volunteer Meals on Wheels program which offers low cost or free meal delivery services (prices are based on needs). To find out if you have a local Meals on Wheels chapter, just go to their website and enter your zip code.

When Aging in Place No Longer Suits You, It’s Time to Consider Moving

If you realize at the end of the day, that moving into a senior living or retirement community is the right decision for you, Florida’s Best Moving & Storage is here to help make the process easier. We are passionate about helping seniors live the life they deserve and have the comfort and care they need. We can help you with your move and even store your most prized possessions.  

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