Is it time to move into a Senior Living Community?

At Florida’s Best Moving and Storage, we know that moving from an independent living situation into an assisted living community can be a tough transition, but we are here to help you through that process. If you are unsure if it’s time to make the move, read through some of the tell-tale signs below to help make a decision. Plus, our movers share our favorite facilities near Tampa, FL. 

Signs That It’s Time to Make the Move 

Did you know the majority of residents in assisted living communities are women aged 85+ with chronic health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis? While this generalization does not describe every single person in these communities, it does touch on some key areas that often indicate a need to make the switch to assisted living that caregivers should be aware of. 

1. Social Isolation 

A common situation of people aged 65+ is social isolation possibly as the result of the death of a spouse and seclusion from adult children. These can lead to immense feelings of loneliness. This common phenomenon leads to another major issue among the elderly population: depression

Living in an assisted living community surrounds socially isolated individuals with people their same age, allowing them to create new connections and friendships. It also alleviates the heavy burden of taking care of everything on their own. 

2. Chronic illness 

Many seniors move into living residences because of the difficulties chronic diseases present when it comes to completing daily living tasks. As these chronic illnesses progress and worsen, seniors will need more help in their day-to-day lives. 

Without a caretaker or a physically able spouse, it can be incredibly challenging to receive the proper care you need when it comes to your health. At a senior living community, there are trained professionals to ensure that your emotional and physical health is effectively managed. 

3. Difficulty performing daily tasks 

Many elderly people make the move to a senior living facility when they are unable to carry out everyday tasks. At some locations, while most residents do not require extensive support, they do need help with a few integral activities: 

  • Bathing 
  • Walking & Staying Active 
  • Getting Dressed 
  • Going to the Toilet  
  • Getting into Bed 
  • Eating Meals and cooking if possible 

If you or a loved one can’t complete one or more of the above activities, it may be time to look into an assisted living communities that can help you. 

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Our Favorite Facilities Near Tampa, FL 

  1. Allegro has locations throughout Florida, including North and South Tampa, and offers different options to best fit your lifestyle. They focus on developing a fulfilling and enriching environment while providing residents with a luxurious and beautiful living space. 
  1. Concordia Village of Tampa offers a variety of care options that focus on the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of its residents. Concordia has one of the broadest networks of senior care services in the state and ensures quality, security, and value. 
  1. The Colonnade at Carrollwood is a luxurious resort-style community that makes assisted living feel like a vacation. The Colonnade focuses on nurturing genuine relationships between members and prioritizes extensive care to each and every one of its residents. 
  1. Discovery Village at Westchase is a state-of-the-art assisted living facility only minutes away from the vibrant activities of Downtown Tampa. This facility focuses on personalized care and upscale amenities for its members, and it’s often referred to as “the first choice for senior living.”  
  1. Brookdale Bayshore combines comprehensive assistance with everyday joy and purpose. They focus on igniting your passions while nurturing new social connections with other members. 

Senior Moving Specialists 

We care about the Senior population. And while we like these facilities, we are here to help you downsize into any new location. Get ready to call a new place your home; we can help make the move easy. For more information on our top-rated moving company, local storage services, or would like a FREE in-home estimate, please call us today at 813-485-6570