Stay Fueled: What to Eat on Moving Day

What you’re going to eat on moving day is probably the last thing on your mind during the hustle and bustle of the day, and you’ll likely just grab a pizza or some fast food since it’s “easy.” While celebrating a move with a pizza is delicious, it can also weigh you down, on a day where you require energy and focus.  

Eating right is crucial for a stress-free moving day, and can help you cope with the chaos, keep up with all the necessary tasks that need to be accomplished, and prevent mistakes and mishaps from occurring.  

So, what’s on the menu for moving day? Our professional movers at Florida’s Best Moving weigh in on some of the best foods to eat to help bolster your body and mind throughout your move.  

What is the Best Food for Moving Day?  

Since you’re going to need energy, alertness, and strength on your big moving day, you’re going to need to eat healthy nutritious food that will sustain you and keep fatigue at bay.  

Focus on fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, and avoid overly processed foods like fast food or foods that are high in sugar as they generally give you a boost of energy with a sharp dip shortly after.  

Even though it is convenient to celebrate with a pizza mid-day or some burgers from the local burger joint, there are easier and healthier options that won’t weigh you down. You’ll just need to plan a little.  

Tips to Plan Your Moving Day Menu 

  • A couple of days before your move, take a trip to the grocery store and pick up some healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, lean meat, eggs, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, nuts, etc.  
  • Prepare a few simple meals in advance such as a stew or pasta that you can put in the fridge and easily heat on moving day.  
  • Prepare foods that you can eat on the go such as sandwiches, wraps, or cut-up veggies/fruit. There isn’t a lot of time on moving day for a sit-down meal!  
  • Have high-energy snacks on hand such as fruit, nuts, cheese cubes, granola bars, peanut butter sandwiches, etc.  
  • Stay hydrated. Have plenty of water on hand for everyone involved with the move. Avoid soda and energy drinks though!  
  • If you hire professional movers, remember to pack the food in your car and not the moving truck. 

Creating a meal plan for moving day in advance allows you to focus on all the moving parts involved with your moving day and allows you to check “what’s for lunch and dinner?” off your list!  

Now let’s break it down a little further and set up a menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for moving day!  

Breakfast on Moving Day 

Start your big moving day off right with a healthy and well-balanced breakfast that is also quick and easy to prepare. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether you are moving or not. It will keep you sustained throughout the busy hours of your move, so make sure that you don’t skip out on breakfast.  

Choose a breakfast that offers a good blend of carbs, protein, and fiber, such as: 

Oatmeal: Full of vitamins and nutrients, oatmeal is a filling breakfast that you can make within minutes and dress up with fruit, honey, or nuts for a healthy high-energy breakfast. 

Cereal: Some cereals are better than others, so forgo the sugary ones and look for ones that offer more whole grain and fiber. Add some fruit to make it even more energizing.  

Bagels: Add some cream cheese or an egg for a protein-rich breakfast to start your morning.  

Eggs: Quick to make, and a great source of protein and energy, eggs are a great choice for a busy moving day breakfast!  

Remember: The boost of caffeine from your morning cup of coffee can help improve your focus and alertness and vitamin C from orange juice can boost your energy.  


Lunchtime is usually the busiest part of moving day, so it’s best to have something ready to eat on the go. Plus, your cooking stuff will be all packed up on the moving truck so plan for paper plates or paper towels along with one-use cutlery.  

Here are some great lunch options*:  

Sandwiches: Arguably the best food for a stress-free moving day, sandwiches are easy to prepare and quick to eat.  

Salad: A simple yet refreshing option for moving days, salads can be a quick way to get the energy that you need to keep going. Add some chicken, tuna, and nuts for extra protein!  

Veggies: Celery sticks, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, and other veggies all pair well with hummus, chicken salad, and tuna dips for a delicious light lunch.  

(*don’t worry, we’re pros so we’ll pack your stuff and our own lunches.


Even if you hired professional movers, you’re likely still going to be exhausted after moving day. We get it, all you may want to do is order a pizza or Chinese food, but a healthy meal will help you recover better from all that stress.  

But my kitchen is still packed away in boxes, and I don’t have the energy to prepare and clean up after a meal!  

We didn’t say you couldn’t order takeout, we just said you should choose something healthy! If you are craving pizza, order it, just make sure to get a salad too! Or if you’re up to it, try a new local restaurant. 

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Move with Ease 

Here at Florida’s Best Moving, we want you to have the most stress-free moving experience possible, so focus on staying hydrated and eating right, and we will focus on all the heavy lifting and getting your items to where they need to go! Our professional movers will make your move as smooth as possible whether you are moving across Tampa Bay or long-distance, out of state. 

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