Label Systems for a Smooth Move

When moving, there is a huge checklist of things to do before the big day; purge your home of possessions to donate or sell, get estimates from a professional moving service, order moving supplies, forward medical records, and banking statements, and pack. The list goes on and can leave you disoriented. 

Fortunately, you can be efficient with a few organizational techniques. One of the most powerful hacks for a seamless move is to effectively label your boxes with a detailed system. This can save you a lot of confusion down the road.

Here is some advice from our pros at Florida’s Best Moving on how to label your boxes for an easy moving day and headache-free unpacking!

Why Labels Matter

While spending the extra time labeling boxes may feel like a waste of the precious minutes you have for the moving process, it’s quite the opposite. There are several reasons to label your boxes to simplify the overall process.

  • Keeping track is impossible 

Unlabeled boxes can’t be taken to their destination rooms. You don’t want a mountain of boxes in the living room to sort through. Many items may even be too heavy for you to carry without help.    

  • Stress = poor memory development

When under stress, the mind struggles to create solid memories. Maybe you knew all of the answers in last night’s “Jeopardy!,” but as humans, we are all prone to forgetfulness under the stress of big change. Don’t beat yourself up about it. 

  • Fragile items need extra care

Boxes with breakable items should be labeled in big obvious letters “fragile, handle with care, this side up, breakable.” Get creative if you feel inclined.  

A move can quickly fall into chaos, but you can avoid this with proper planning and preparation. To make your move simple and stress-free, call Florida’s Best Moving and Storage at (813) 485-6580. P.s. We can pack for you! 

Labeling Systems

It’s easy to lose track of items without a clear system for finding them. When you’re ready to shower after the big day, you will be very frustrated when you’re unable to find the shower curtain and rod. 

The organizational systems below can help streamline the unpacking process and get you settled into your new home quickly and easily. 

Get Creative with a Color Code 

There are no strict rules when it comes to labeling your boxes, but some general guidelines will help the communication and flow with your moving company. A color-coding system can help movers decipher where a box goes. 

As an example, the pink labels go to your five-year-old’s bedroom and the yellow labels go to the back porch. You can also use stickers, stamps, and tape. Make sure to clearly communicate your system to your movers so there is no confusion about where boxes should go. 

Stay Organized with Numbers  

If you want to be even more methodical, you can label each box with a specific number that corresponds to your inventory. This way, you know how many boxes are in each room and if all of your items arrived safely. 

In your inventory, box #17 contains all of your scrapbooks and highschool memorabilia, including a few breakable trophies from your soccer days. So the box gets labeled “17” in green, which indicates it goes to the basement storage space. Indicate the top and sides of the box to ensure the trophies are safe.    

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Make a Labeling Toolkit 

To help yourself with the labeling process, create a toolkit filled with all the items you’ll need. Invest in high-quality items that you can continue using for other purposes after the move. This also reduces the risk of your tools causing problems mid-labeling session.

Your toolkit should have: 

  • Markers
  • Printed labels from the Internet
  • Colored duct tape to match your color code
  • Scissors 
  • Stickers

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Sit Back and Relax  

If you create a functional labeling system for your packed boxes and a key to give your movers, then you can take a deep breath. This will ease up a lot of tension on moving day so that you can enjoy the experience.

Labeling your boxes when moving requires some extra work, but rest assured it will pay off. Contact Florida’s Best Moving at (813) 485-6580 to make moving a breeze!