How to Start Packing When You Don’t Know Where to Begin

For most, packing is the worst part of moving. It can be tough to get motivated, or even know where to begin. It can be a daunting task! How do you get your entire house packed into boxes and then loaded on a truck for the move? If you aren’t sure where to start, or how to pack your stuff efficiently, you’re in the right place.  

These simple packing suggestions from our moving pros at Florida’s Best Moving can help you start. If you really are dreading it, just call us, we help with packing too.  

Don’t worry, soon your house will be all packed and ready to go!  

Gather Supplies 

Start by finding or purchasing high-quality moving boxes. The hardest thing is to begin, so just grab a box and start. Grab a stack of boxes and a permanent marker and start packing items in the rooms that you use the least, like your garage. Make it fun and time yourself for an hour and see how much you can accomplish. 

Pack off-season clothing and decor, backup toiletries or cleaning supplies, books, and less-used kitchen utensils into boxes detailing where these items belong. Make it easy on yourself and label everything.  

As you pack, set aside things that you want to donate or need to go in the trash or recycle bin. No need to pack items that you aren’t going to use!  

Take it one box at a time, label by label, and soon your entire home will be packed.  

Start Small  

If packing your entire house sounds like a huge task, break it up into smaller tasks. Pack your office first, or everything in your closet that you don’t usually wear. Pack up storage areas (this should be easy since they are already half-packed), and just remember to leave your most-used areas and items for last. 

The key to starting small and breaking your home into smaller areas is giving yourself enough time to get packing done. So don’t rush, save yourself some sanity and give yourself ample time to pack, not just a few days.   

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Moving is a great time to purge things that you don’t need. Let go of all those pans and kitchen gadgets that you never cook with or that shabby furniture that you have been carrying around since college. Don’t just toss them though, donate them. There is sure to be someone who can use your unwanted items. (Just make sure that they are in good condition before donating. If not, it’s time to toss. 

Anything that you haven’t used in over a year is probably something that you won’t miss in your new home. Take the time to lighten your load and reduce the number of items that you need to pack.  

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Don’t Procrastinate  

We can’t state this enough—give yourself plenty of time and start early. Moving is to not procrastinate. While rushing to pack your entire home and all your possessions can cause undue stress during an already stressful time, procrastinating and putting off packing because you’ve given yourself too much time can be just as bad.  

Give yourself at least a couple of weeks to pack your home and declutter and know when it is time to call in a moving company to help.  

Not everyone is a packing machine, and our team at Florida’s Best Moving is happy to help you pack and unpack your items. 

Just Start 

The best advice that we can give is to just start. You are going to have to start packing your home eventually, especially if your moving date is fast approaching. Give yourself a few days to drag your feet, but then it’s crunch time, be ready to hit the ground running.  

Packing might not be the most pleasant task, but it must get done. Take a deep breath, turn on some music, and get to work. You’ll get it done, and soon, you’ll be relaxing in your new space!  

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Hire Professional Movers  

Hiring professional movers can help you complete the daunting task of packing and moving your possessions, even if it is just your big furniture, piano, or your most fragile objects. Our team at Florida’s Best Moving has the expertise and experience to ensure that all your items make it to your new home safe and sound.  

Need help packing or moving heavy items? Call Florida’s Best Moving at 813-485-6580 for a no-hassle quote or fill out the form below!