Things Your Movers Wish You Knew

It’s time to move and you have hired a professional moving company to help. Before moving day arrives, there are things you can do to help speed up the process and foster a stress-free relocation for everyone.  

A smooth move happens when everyone works together, but you should know when to lend a helping hand and when to get out of the movers’ way.  

Here are the top things the team at Florida’s Best Moving and Storage (or any local moving company really) wants you to know… 

No One Likes Surprises on Moving Day  

This likely will be covered when you are receiving a moving estimate, but it is critical to remember. If you have large, heavy items such as a piano, hot tub, or refrigerator to be moved, communicate that beforehand with your movers.  

Large, bulky items may require additional preparations, equipment, or men to move them so please don’t “surprise” us with those unexpected items on moving day! 

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Prepare for the Movers’ Arrival 

If you live in a gated community or an apartment complex, ensure that the moving truck can easily gain access to your house. Take a few moments before moving day to run through the details of where the moving truck will park and how the movers will get from your door to the truck in the most efficient way.  

If you need a parking permit, do that well in advance, and if your movers need a code to gain access to your neighborhood, give that to them before moving day to mitigate delays and complications.  

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Complete Packing Before Moving Day 

If you are packing up your items, complete the packing before moving day. Boxes should be taped, labeled, and ready to go on the truck when the movers arrive.  

To make moving day easier, neatly stack your packed boxes in a central location in your house so the moving crew can load the truck in the most efficient manner.  

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Overwhelmed by packing? Florida’s Best can do it for you! We take our jobs seriously and will ensure that your items are packed with care.  

Don’t Pack Heavy Things in Large Boxes 

Whether you have a large collection of books or other heavy items to move, there are guidelines to follow when packing. Heavy items should go in small boxes. Items that are light, such as pillows and blankets, can be packed in larger boxes.  

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Be Present on Moving Day  

You or someone you trust must be available for the entire moving day in case the movers have questions about what goes where and what should or shouldn’t move.  

Also, an adult’s presence is necessary to sign any paperwork. 

Let the Movers Work  

You might think you are helping by getting in the middle of moving the fridge or other heavy items, but you should stay out of the way — for their safety and yours.  

Your job is to direct the movers to the correct rooms and answer questions, but beyond that, you hired professional movers for a reason. Let them do the heavy lifting to ensure that moving day is as smooth as possible.  

Professional Moving Services  

If a move is in your future, Florida’s Best Moving and Storage is here to help! Whether you are relocating for a job, downsizing, or moving into a senior-living facility, our expert movers will transport your prized possessions with the utmost care and respect. We treat all our clients like family and want you to have the best moving experience possible!  

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