packing fragile vase and bowls

Easy Tips to Pack Fragile Items

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about the china set that your grandmother gave to you or your collection of vintage glassware. Preventing breakage during moving all comes down to proper preparation and having the right tools when you pack. 

Ready to pack your fragile items? Follow these tips from the pros at Florida’s Best Moving! 

Packing Fragile Items  

Avoid opening a box to broken fragile items with our moving tips! 

Prepare in Advance 

Packing up sentimental or valuable crystal, porcelain, and other breakables requires time and patience. Don’t rush. Start well in advance of moving day, and give yourself ample time to adequately wrap and pack these fragile items.  

Have the Right Tools 

Having the right packing tools will make all the difference! Invest in:  

  • quality moving boxes in various sizes  
  • packing and tissue paper 
  • bubble wrap 
  • pliable cardboard 
  • scissors 
  • packing tape (of course get an extra roll while you’re at it)  

Lay all your breakable items on a large table or on the floor in a safe area. For larger items, enlist a friend or family member to help. 

Label It! 

It’s easy! Label the boxes with your delicate and fragile items as “fragile,” so anyone helping with your move, or professional movers will know to handle them carefully. This will also help you when you unpack and organize your new space. 

Pack Properly  

We can’t emphasize this enough. You must pack fragile items properly. While your flat-screen TV is fragile, preparing it for moving is quite different than packing up your prized china.  

Research the best way to pack each item, and plan on having A LOT of bubble wrap and packing paper at the ready.  

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 How To Pack Your Most Fragile Items 

Ready to pack?  


Plates should be packed vertically in small or medium boxes lined with packing paper or bubble wrap on the bottom and the top. Wrap each plate in bubble wrap and secure it with tape before putting it in the box. Place paper in between each plate.  

Do not overpack the box! This will make it heavier and anyone other than a licensed moving company may drop it 


Wrap each glass with packing paper. Line small or medium-sized packing boxes with ample paper as well, to reduce the chance of the items moving inside of the box. Place the heaviest items on the bottom, and lighter pieces on top.  


Lampshades should be boxed with the flat side down with a good amount of paper. Lamp bases can be placed in a large box wrapped in bubble wrap.  

Picture Frames  

Wrap each frame in packing paper, and place them in a packing box with crumpled paper in between each piece. When moving paintings or pictures that are larger than three feet in size, you should secure these with a moving blanket, and wrap them securely in plastic.  

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Flat-screen TVs can be a little tricky to pack. Remove any cables and pack those in a bag or clearly labeled box. Wrap the screen in a soft moving blanket, and secure it around the back with packing tape.  

Last, place it inside a box and secure it with tape. If needed add extra padding before closing the box! If you don’t have a box, as your movers we can pack it up right or you can choose to keep that with you in your car for the move. 

Specialty Items  

For oddly-shaped or large fragile items, wrap the piece in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Consider any handles or pieces that can break easily, and give those areas extra attention. After wrapping, place it on a piece of pliable cardboard and cover it with another. Bend the cardboard ends to meet and then secure with tape. 

Don’t be shy with the tape! You want your fragile item to be safe and sound! Place the wrapped item in a box with crumpled paper, close with tape, and write FRAGILE on the box. Done!  

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Can I Skip The Fancy Packing And Use Newspaper? 

While many people use old towels, newsprint, or paper towels to wrap fragile items, these aren’t the wisest choice! Newsprint can be dirty and leave prints on your fragile items. Paper towels are not strong, and old towels can slip easily and can’t be secured easily with taupe.  

Invest in the proper tools, and you won’t be sorry when you go to unpack your fragile items! Remember if you need a hand keeping your things protected, we can lend you a hand with packing too… 

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