Moving? Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Items

You’ve packed up the rooms in your home, and you have a plan for your plants, but have you considered how you’re going to move things like the grill and other outdoor gear? While it is common to think about moving all the items inside your home, outdoor items such as grills, patio furniture, and gardening tools are often overlooked.  

Preparing and packing outdoor items for your move is similar to packing and moving indoor furniture, but it is important to take special care to do the job right. Otherwise, you might get to your new home with broken or scratched patio furniture or a dented grill!  

Follow these tips to ensure that all your outdoor living items arrive at your new home in one piece (or call our professionals and we’ll move it safely across Tampa, Florida, or the country)!  

Decide Whether You Want to Move Your Outdoor Living Items  

Before packing up your outdoor living space, take a few moments and consider whether you have enough space at your new home for outdoor furniture.  

You may not need an outdoor patio set if you are downsizing to a home that doesn’t have a patio or porch. Also, if your children no longer use a swing or playset, it’s time to discard them or give them to someone who can use them.  

If you just don’t have space at your new home, you could waste time and money moving or storing outdoor items that you don’t need.  

Deep Clean 

Now that you have decided to keep your furniture, do a thorough deep cleaning of your outdoor furniture and grill before the packing process begins. If you don’t take the time to clean up before your move, you could end up with dirt and grime on other belongings that are stored next to them in the moving truck.  

Spray all surfaces of your patio furniture with soap, scrub, and rinse with water. Make sure to get in all those cracks and crevices in your patio furniture!  

For the grill, remove the soot and ashes from inside, and clean the grease catcher out with soap and warm water. Consult the manual for the grill to see if there is a suggested cleaning solution both the inside and outside of the grill to ensure that it is squeaky clean before loading it onto the moving truck.  

Ready to move? Skip the heavy lifting and call Florida’s Best Moving. Whether you are moving across town or out of state, we will ensure that your move is stress-free!  

Packing Outdoor Living Items 

Patio Furniture 

After you have given all your outdoor items a thorough clean, it’s time to pack!  

Take these steps: 

  • Remove pillows and cushions and set them aside 
  • Take apart any furniture that can easily be disassembled  
  • Keep track of hardware in a labeled box or bag taped to the frame 
  • Wrap the furniture pieces on all sides with moving blankets  
  • Secure the blankets with tape to help prevent damage.  

Make sure that the pillows and cushions are completely dry before packing them into clearly labeled boxes.  

The Grill  

When packing up the grill, it’s best to remove the grill grates, trays, and any other small parts and carefully wrap them in packing paper and secure them in a box.  

Remove the propane tank from the grill, and verify with your movers whether they will take the tank on the moving truck. If not, you’ll have to find a place in your vehicle to safely move it. Wrap the grill in moving blankets and secure it with packing tape to ensure safe moving.  

Take the time to ask your movers questions about what we will and will not move for you. Most professional movers do not move items that are flammable or combustible.  

Other Items 

Gardening tools, lights, and other outdoor living supplies should be packed in bubble wrap with tape over the items, along with extra padding for delicate items, before packing into boxes to avoid damage while on the moving truck. If you have an outdoor kitchen, it might be easiest to pack the kitchen tools with your indoor kitchen supplies and then separate them at your new home.  

Don’t forget your furry family members! If they have houses or habitats outside, make sure that they aren’t forgotten about on moving day.  

Further, lawnmowers and other outdoor power equipment should be drained of gas before packing them up for the move.  

P.S. Check everything for creepy crawlies including spiders, wasps, or rodents before packing them up! You’ll thank us later! 

Stress-Free Packing and Moving  

Prepare for your move both indoors and out! If you are thinking of moving yourself before renting a truck, make sure you take into account the space needed to move everything. Otherwise, you run the risk of making multiple, costly trips or having to leave items you wanted to keep behind because they won’t fit in your moving truck.  

Florida’s Best Moving can assist you with all the packing and moving of your items indoors and out, including your patio furniture and grill. We would be honored to assist you with the move to your new home! Contact us today to schedule a complimentary in-home estimate or fill out our easy quote form below. 

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