When is the Best Time to Move?

When you are planning a move, decluttering, and packing boxes, your choice of moving date may seem at the bottom of your priorities. But be warned—this one little detail can have a big impact when it comes to how much your move will cost.  

When you plan to move is just as important as how you plan to move. Here is our opinion on the best times to move based on costs & convenience:  

What is the Best Season to Move? 

Ultimately, the best season to move comes down to YOUR needs. If you are trying to save money, a late fall, winter, or early spring move would be a good choice. If you’re renting in a new town, then you may even save on your monthly rentals as late summer tends to be a very popular time to move.  

Those with children in school should opt for a summertime move or over your winter break.  


Those who prefer more mild weather conditions may want to move during the spring or fall.  

Offers great weather conditions for moves, and you may be able to save money during the off-season.  


This is the least expensive time of year to move due to less demand and more flexible schedules for moving companies. Plus, in Florida, we don’t have to worry about ice or snow and winters are generally mild and great for moving.  


March through April can be a great time to move due to lighter demand and mild weather.  


If you are selling your home, you may get a higher price in the summer, but demand for moving companies will be also higher and likely more expensive. But if you are moving with children, summer is ideal since they will be out of school for summer vacation.  

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Best Month(s) of the Year to Move  

Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend is considered peak moving season. If you’re wanting the most cost-effective move, Mid-September through April are the best months to move. Demand for professional moving companies generally slows down during this window and you may get a slightly better deal or a moving special. 

Is There a Best Week of the Month to Move? 

A mid-month move is ideal rather than one at the beginning or end of the month if you have the flexibility. A mid-month, mid-week move is when demand is typically low, and you’ll see some moving cost savings thanks to that  

Remember: The first of the month is likely to be a busy time for our professional movers since most leases begin then. But we’ll make sure to do our best to fit you in! 

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Best Day of the Week to Move  

When choosing a moving day, choose a weekday if you can. Moving during the Monday-Thursday window can save you a little money. You may need to take a day off work, but honestly, some homeowners have worked in other parts of the home while we pack up.   

Not only are weekday moves in less demand, but you’ll also have the whole weekend to unpack and organize before the next week begins.  

Best Time of Day to Move  

Mornings are the best time to begin your move. Professional movers generally want to begin the move around 8-10 a.m. due to cooler conditions during warmer months and less traffic.  

Plus, you’ll have more energy in the mornings (after a cup of coffee, of course!) and you will have more time to unpack, organize, and enjoy your new space.  

Other Considerations for Moving Day 

  • Weather: Before setting the date for your move, consider the weather. Though it doesn’t get very cold here in Tampa Bay, if you are planning a move out of state to a colder climate, avoid a move in the middle of winter. (For obvious reasons!) Icy road, snow, and heavy lifting can be miserable. The same can be said for our hot, humid climate here in Florida. Try to plan your move for fall, winter, or early spring to take advantage of cooler weather.  
  • Work: If you can’t afford to take time off work, it may be worth the extra moving costs to move during the weekend. Avoid three-day holiday weekends if you can!  
  • Family: If you have children that are in school, it may make more sense to move during the summer months to avoid disruption of their education—even if it is more costly.  

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Ready to Move?  

Whatever season, day of the week, or time of day that you choose to move, make sure that you choose a licensed and reputable moving company like Florida’s Best Moving & Storage to help you move! Our professional movers will ensure a stress-free move regardless of the day you choose.  

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