Things to Remember When Moving in the Fall

If you’re in the process of moving, you have to know when your move will need to happen. Fall is an amazing time to move into a new home. Generally speaking, the weather is usually more agreeable (less rain in Tampa so your boxes stay dry and the temperatures have dropped a bit). Add to that, you’ll be settled in before the cold of winter and the chaos of the holidays

If you’re looking at moving this fall, consider Florida’s Best Moving for all of your moving needs. In the meantime, let’s discuss all of the important factors of moving during the fall! 


Did you know? A bulk of the moving that takes place in the U.S. happens between May and September.

Outside of those months, there’s less demand for moving companies and truck rentals. This drives the rates down and gives you more room to negotiate your pricing. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the rate that’s best for you.  

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Because fall is the off-season for most moving companies, you’ll likely have more flexibility to choose the date that YOU want to move. There are also more weekend moving dates available from September to November.  

Keep in mind that most people move towards the end of the month, so do your best to avoid that time if possible. 

School Calendars 

Many families move during the summer to be settled into their new district before the start of the school year. It’s not always possible to make this happen – but it is an important reminder if you’re looking at moving after the start of your child’s school year. 

Daylight Saving Time 

Depending on when your fall move is taking place, it is so important to keep Daylight Saving Time in mind. If you’re looking at moving after DSL – remember that the days are shorter and there is less daylight as you’re unloading into your new home. 

The Flooring 

During the fall, you’re more likely to track dirt and debris into your home. Cover the high trafficked areas with plastic as you’re moving both in and out. This’ll protect your flooring and your belongings. If not, plan a clean-out service once the movers are done to ready it for the next owners.  

Planning Ahead 

Moving is typically stressful, but there are ways to make it less stressful. If you can choose to move in the fall – that’s going to be your best option. You’re more likely to save money and you’re more likely to have nicer weather on your move-in day. 

Fall Moving Service 

Fall is an amazing time to move, but we know that’s it’s not always in your hands. No matter when you need to move, reach out to Florida’s Best Moving & Storage for the best moving experience in Tampa Bay. You’ll be in good hands with our amazing team – after all, we are the best and we deliver.