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Seniors: Should You Be Downsizing or ‘Up’ sizing?

For as long as we can remember, it has always been assumed that retired seniors should downsize. No longer is this the case! In fact, many seniors are opting to upsize to accommodate visitors…kids, grandkids, extended family, and friends.  

A recent Merrill-Lynch survey shared that 30% of seniors who retire are planning to move into a larger home! As you grow older, do you downsize or upsize? Here are the pros and cons of each… 

Upsizing or Downsizing: Make the Best Decision for YOU 

The decision to downsize or upsize certainly depends on several factors – your retirement plan, finances, maintenance needs, the list goes on! The most important consideration is that the decision you make brings you happiness.  

Perhaps you want to share your space with extended family and live together full time. Or maybe this is finally the time for you to have a space all your own in a community of your peers. Whatever decision you choose, Florida’s Best Moving & Storage is here to help! Call us today at 813-485-6580 for a free no-hassle moving or storage quote.  

Pros to ‘Up’ Sizing 

Many seniors have saved their entire career for retirement, which means they may have big bucks to shell out on some square footage. And why not? The retirement years should be about living life and rewarding years and years of hard work! 

“After climbing the mountain, you can finally enjoy the view.” 

Whether it’s a beachfront property, a lake house, or a large home near a resort town, many seniors are purchasing homes they can share with their extended family and friends.  

Today, it’s common for your adult children move back in after college or even years of living on their own to either save money to support you as a caregiver as you age. Whatever the reason, anytime the “kids” venture back into the nest, it’s going to require more room!  

For most seniors who choose to upsize, they are not just doing it for themselves, but also for their loved ones to enjoy. Large home or small home, Florida’s Best Moving & Storage is your preferred senior moving specialist! 

Pros to Downsizing

While upsizing in retirement is certainly a trend, downsizing remains a popular choice for seniors. Some of the more common reasons to downsize include:  

  • less maintenance 
  • Few to no stairs 
  • Even the ability to afford multiple homes with smaller square footage 

And let’s not forget the ability to travel more! Seniors who are not maintaining a large family home have more time to visit out-of-state family & friends and (when the world isn’t having a pandemic) can more easily travel to destinations on their bucket lists!  

Of course, another huge consideration for seniors who choose to downsize is having extra income. Selling a larger home and downsizing into a smaller, more affordable option will free up extra money to do things that they couldn’t afford to do before.  

Your Golden Years. Your Choice.  

“Retirement is when you stop living at work and start working at living.” 

At any stage in life, moving into a new home is a big step. As you plan for what to do next in your life, the key is to ‘right size’ and make the best decision for you, your family, and your happiness!  

It is important to take time and carefully go over all of the factors that will significantly impact your decision, whether that be the location of extended family, finances, low-maintenance options, etc.  

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Florida’s Best Moving & Storage is a family-owned moving company proudly serving the Tampa Bay area. We are dedicated to helping our Senior community and will take care of your move with the utmost care and attention. Whether you choose to downsize or upsize, move locally near Tampa, or from the area to be closer to caregivers, we can help!  

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