Leave These to the Pros When Moving

Regardless of whether you’re juggling a toddler and a full-time job, making a leap of faith on a cross-Florida voyage, or simply facing life’s changes, moving is a BIG deal. It can be an incredible adventure and, if strategically planned, can be done with ease. However, you might need a little help to make it happen.  

As you age and acquire more “stuff” (maybe salt and pepper pets and kids in the mix), moving can be a stomach-churning nightmare. Fortunately, this transition can be made swift and simple with the experience of seasoned professionals like us. 

While preparing your home for the big day, take note of the following items that should be left for the expertise of a professional moving service.  

The Fragile Goods 

If you own valuable artworks or antiques, chances are you don’t want them to break. Hiring a moving company to transport your artworks protects your collection with insurance.  

When items don’t fit in your car or are too heavy, it’s time to pester friends and family. This could lead to damaging not only your possessions but also your relationships. A professional moving service ensures your items are: 

  • Covered by insurance 
  • Packed with proper materials 
  • Transported with the necessary equipment 
  • Safely secured in a large truck for the journey 

If you’re gearing up to make a move, call Florida’s Best Moving and Storage at (813) 485-6580 to learn more about how we can help you move your most precious items with care. We’re here to help you with a smooth transition. Our team at Florida’s Best Moving has the tools to make the move easy – whether across Tampa Bay or the USA! 

The Heavy Stuff  

Unless you’re deadlifting 500 pounds at the gym, you might want to reconsider carrying extremely heavy items up, down, and across creation for a full workday.  

Without proper form and equipment, lifting furniture can cause significant and possibly permanent damage to both yourself and your belongings.  

Big & Awkward     

Big and awkward items can be straight-up dangerous to carry. Imagine your knuckles going white from gripping the ledges of your mid-century credenza as you pray it won’t fall straight on your toes. While straining to lift the refrigerator you dropped $5000 on only a few months ago, you’re bound to lose your vision of the floor and risk tripping.  

Would the time, money, and health cost of a slipped disc, a sprained ankle, or a broken toe be worth the money saved by avoiding the pros? Not to mention, if you’re moving from an apartment or condo building, these big items can cause damage to hallways and elevators if you’re not careful. Leaving you responsible for any damages caused by your move.  

Breakable & Costly  

Damaging the $20 Goodwill table might be disappointing, but imagine the heartbreak of losing the upright piano you played in your childhood home. Large instruments should be moved on a dolly or in a case that a moving service can provide (did you know moving pianos is one of our specialties?).  

One slip while carrying large pieces of equipment and technology, whether your childhood piano or the flat screen, could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix. Moving companies can give you the peace of mind that your items will be secured and transported with no hassle.  

We want you to avoid the stress of expensive damage to your belongings. Let us know your needs here if you are ready to make your move easier and your life simpler!  

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Reassembly Required 

Properly disassembling furniture often requires professional tools and experience. Wall units, tables, sofas, and other large or awkward furniture often need disassembling to be moved. 

It also requires a lot of time. You already have a long to-do list, and taking apart furniture without experience and instruction can be dizzying. The following items may need disassembling: 

  • Wall units such as shelves, cabinets, and wall panels 
  • Tables and desks 
  • Armoires and other large antiques 
  • Large sectional sofas 
  • Dressers  

A lot of steps of the moving process can feel overwhelming, but professional help can make the process positive. Don’t risk damaging yourself or your possessions when we at Florida’s Best Moving are here to help. Save yourself the head (and likely back) ache and chat with us!  

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Trust Our Tampa Moving Company 

Big changes usually come served with a touch of chaos, but smooth sailing can be achieved with the help of professionals. Move over, and let the pros do our jobs. We will properly pack and wrap your items so you can rest assured they will arrive at their new home without issue.  

Take the weight off your shoulders (chest and off your back). Don’t let the moving process be a burden or overly-stressful time. Start the process if you want peace of mind, and call/text (813) 485-6580 for an affordable moving or storage quote.