How to Meet Your Neighbors After a Move

We’ve seen the shows and the movies, you simply wave at your new neighbors while moving in, and
then bring a freshly baked pie to each of their doorsteps! That’s IT! You just became best friend
instantly… right? Ok maybe the cliche is a little unlikely, but with our help, you’ll have more ways than
ever to break the ice with your new neighbors!

Make Yourself Known.

Whether you have pie or not, going to a neighbors house for the first time can be intimidating. Like most
people, knocking on your neighbor’s door for an impromptu conversation may not sound too fun.

Don’t worry! The Experts from Florida’s Best Moving have a few creative ways to make yourself known
without seeming like a door-to-door salesperson.

Go to Community Events.

Next time there is an event, whether it’s a party you get an invite to or a community meeting, make an
effort to show up. The easiest and most comfortable place to meet new people is somewhere that
people are already gathering. So stay on the lookout for a neighborhood event you can make an
appearance at!

Get Connected!

A new way to get in touch with your neighbors these days is to look out for an online community, such
as a neighborhood Facebook group. Use services like Nextdoor to post questions and introductions to
your neighborhood! Making yourself known online is a great way to introduce yourself, as well as find
out about any upcoming community events!

Nothing Going On? Host Your Own Event!

Having a reason to break the ice with someone makes it a lot easier to approach them. Meeting your neighbor with an invite to a get-together at your house is an easy and friendly way to make a connection. Here are some ideas of events you can invite your neighbors to:

● Invite your friends & family over for a housewarming party
● Offer to host the next HOA/community meeting
● Have a barbeque and bring over plates if you see a neighbor outside

Hosting an event at your house is not only a great way to meet your neighbors, but it’s a great way to
destress from a move! We know moving can be stressful, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! Our movers
at Florida’s Best Moving
are experts, and can be there for you every step of the way!

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Be Seen!

Don’t forget that everyone saw you moving in! Your new neighbors are thinking about the right time to
meet you as well! Everyone fears awkwardly introducing themselves, so take some steps to make it
occur naturally! The best way to do that is simply to be visible to them! Hanging around outside or doing
some yardwork opens the door for your neighbor to stop by and say hi.

Walk around!

Going for a walk or jog all but ensures that you’ll run into a neighbor, and depending on how far you go,
you could meet neighbors all over your block! If you’re the type to exercise around your neighborhood,
coming across people that are doing the same is an awesome conversation starter and a great reason to
get together again in the future! Bonus points if you have a cute pet with you!

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Ask Questions.

Ran out of stuff to say? Maybe that neighbor just walked past and said “Hi!”, but you didn’t get their
name. Try to ask a quick question! Maybe ask for a restaurant suggestion, or ask who you should hire for
any housework you may need. A quick question about the new area you just moved into can change a
wave into a handshake.

Make Your Move With Florida’s Best Moving!

Now that you’re ready to make an impression on your new neighborhood, it’s time to move in! Moving
can be stressful, but physically moving everything back and forth can be one of the most stressful and
time-consuming things you’ll ever do! When the time comes, rely on Florida’s Best Moving to make that
move for you.

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