Reduce Stress When Moving During the Holidays

New Year, New Town, New Beginnings.  

Are you moving this holiday season? If so, you probably are starting to experience how stressful relocating during the “happiest time of the year” can be. The holidays are a time of joy and cheerfulness, but with moving ranked as the third most stressful occurrence in an adult’s life, we doubt the process will leave you feeling jolly.  

Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate stress while moving during the holidays. You’ll want to recenter yourself, prioritize packing, get together with experts to make your move seamless this season.  

Let’s dive deeper into how you can enjoy the season while also making the move toward your new beginning in the new year! 

Say Goodbye to the Stress of the Move 

It’s important to understand that everyone has different stress thresholds, so you’ll want to consider your own and others’ feelings. If you’re moving with friends or family members, be sure to take a moment to breathe and discuss the next steps going forward.  

Allow time for everyone to plan around the upcoming move, set a date, and assign timeframes for packing. Whether you’re traveling together or alone, take a moment to breathe and then make a game plan. This will set you up for success during your move.  

Here are some activities your family can try to offset the stress of moving: 

  • Have a holiday brunch or other casual going away party to reminisce about your time in the neighborhood.  
  • Divvy tasks (and put them on the refrigerator) weeks in advance to keep it on top of everyone’s mind. 
  • Add moving costs into your monthly budget so you’re prepared. Luckily, we have some of the most affordable rates in Tampa Bay. With us, you can move with ease and on a budget without adding stress trying to DIY a move.  

Pack Early & Strategically 

Packing in advance will keep you from procrastinating as the moving date nears. Collect all the clothing, personal items, and furniture you own. Then allocate them into these different sections: donate, trash, keep

You can schedule a Salvation Army or Goodwill pick up or drop off for your donated items. Or we’ll even make a donation for you and get paperwork for your charitable donation.  

With the things you choose to keep, separate them by function, starting with your clothing and personal items as you’ll need these first at the new place. Be sure to pack your clothing into an easily transferable box or bag and then label them accordingly for easy access. Next, you’ll focus on your oversized items and furniture pieces. 

Get a Helping Hand 

Speaking of big pieces, moving furniture is the main pain point of relocators. Getting help will help ease this stress. Using professional movers can erase the pain of figuring out who will help you lift your heavy tv stand and how you’ll fit the large sofa out the door. 

At Florida’s Best Moving and Storage, we’re a family-owned business and we care about you spending every precious moment with family and friends. Streamline the moving process so you can sit back, relax, and focus on time spent with your family, especially during the holiday season. Our local and long-distance movers are here to help give you a helping hand (well, several).  Call/text us today at (813) 485-6580 for a no-hassle moving or storage quote! 

Moving? Cancel or Transfer Subscriptions 

Make sure that all your recurring bills or subscriptions have been transferred to your new address or canceled before you move. Remember to call your internet service, update your prescription and banking address, and contact your utility providers.  

Don’t wait until the last minute to make the call. Many services will allow you to cancel or transfer after a specific date. By tackling what you can early, you reduce the chances you forget with the rest of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. You wouldn’t want to be charged unnecessarily for internet or water you haven’t utilized… 

Wrap it Up 

Lastly, make it fun! With friends and family, any moment can become a treasured memory. Moving during the holidays shouldn’t keep laughter and lightheartedness from spreading amongst you.  

Play a game, see who can unpack the fastest, give prizes for the most organized box. If you do decide to hire a moving team to keep the holidays upbeat, enjoy the time you would have spent packing and hauling boxes out on the town, experiencing your new home. 

Here for Holiday Moves 

Moving during the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful when you have the BEST (Florida’s Best) moving company on your side. Contact us today or fill out the form below for a free moving estimate.