Things People Forget to Do When Moving

You’re going to want to add these to your checklist… 

When preparing for a move, most homeowners want to do everything they can to ensure that everything goes without a hitch. One of the best ways to achieve a smooth and stress-free move is to plan well in advance.  

Avoid some of the common oversights that people often make in the moving process – especially if they are packing or trying to DIY a part of the move. Our moving pros at Florida’s Best Moving outline the top 5 things that you shouldn’t forget to do for your next move:  

Invest in Sturdy Packing Materials  

Using high-quality moving materials is key to a successful move. And you don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on packing materials either! Old blankets and towels can be used to protect furniture and appliances from damage, and a roll of bubble wrap can protect your small valuables before packing them up for the move.  

If you are short on boxes, check with local grocery stores, liquor stores, and bookstores before purchasing from a hardware store—saving you a ton on moving supplies.  

Packing not your strong suit? Don’t worry; it’s ours. Florida’s Best Moving can do it for you! We will pack every item with the utmost care so you can focus on getting ready to move and spending time with your friends/neighbors before you go. Call us today, (813) 485-6580.   

Label Boxes 

This may sound like a no-brainer, but trust us, we’ve seen it all. And much of it isn’t labeled… 

Label your boxes to ensure that you and your movers know where each box belongs. There is nothing more frustrating than staring at dozens of moving boxes and not having a clue as to what is inside.  

Avoid this issue and label your boxes with what is inside and what room it goes to before the professional movers come to load it on moving day. We also like to use color-coded stickers (living room=yellow, the kitchen=blue) to quickly see what goes where. Pro-tip for the stickers is to mark the door/room with a sign of what color – your movers can take it from there!  

Don’t lose it > Avoid Losing Items During Your Move 

Plan Care for Your Children and Pets 

The planning process of a move can be stressful, and homeowners often forget to plan care for their small children and pets on moving day. With large moving trucks, equipment, and professional movers in and out of the house, it can be stressful for pets and small children and put them at risk for injury.  

Reach out to a trusted friend or family member well in advance of your move to provide safe care for your children and pets while you are focusing on the move.  

Who Needs to Know About Your Move? 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your bank, credit card companies, insurance company, etc., are aware of your upcoming move and your new address.  

To be thorough, notify your contacts by: 

  • Email: Send a message with your moving date and new address at least 30 days before your move. Resend the message once you have moved in.  
  • Telephone: Make a list of your most important contacts and give them a call. Don’t leave a message, talk to an actual person.  
  • Online Updates: Take a few hours to update all your online account profiles with your new address to ensure that statements and any pertinent mail will be sent to your new address.  

Other things to do: 

  • Call your utility company and let them know when you are moving and turn on the power and water at your new house 
  • Submit a change of address to the Post Office to ensure that your mail is rerouted  
  • Redirect phone and internet to your new home if you are staying with the same provider   

Secure Parking for Moving Trucks  

If you live in a highly congested area or share a driveway, it is important to ensure that there is space for moving trucks on moving day.  

Some locations like apartment buildings or condos might require a permit for the moving van to park, so make sure you are aware of and follow all parking regulations in advance of moving day at your new home and the home you are moving away from.  

Move with Ease 

The best way to avoid forgetting to do these common moving tasks, choose a trusted moving company like Florida’s Best Moving to get the job done! Our movers will make your move as stress-free as possible whether you are moving across Tampa Bay or out of state.  

Ready to move? Look no further than Florida’s Best Moving and Storage. Contact our team for a no-hassle, moving, or storage quote: (813) 485-6580!