6 Tips to Prepare for a Stress-Free Office Move

Whether you’ve outgrown your office space, or need to move because your lease is up, an office move can be daunting. It’s no secret, moving an office space is a BIG job.  

From packing up everything in your office to making sure that your employees are well-informed, it’s important to ensure that your business continues to run seamlessly throughout the process.  

To make things easier for your move, our team at Florida’s Best Moving has put together an office move timeline so you can be better prepared when moving day comes.  

Make sure to save this checklist! 

#1. Develop an office relocation timeline 

#2. Create an inventory list 

#3. Organize items to be moved 

#4. Downsize and declutter 

#5. Notify your customers and clients 

#6. Hire professional movers  

#1. Develop an Office Relocation Timeline 

Developing a timeline for your office move will help your employees and everyone else involved to stay on the same page. When creating your moving timeline, keep the following in mind: 

Prepare Your Staff 

It is important to give your employees adequate notice before starting the moving process. Preparing them for the move will allow them to plan for their new work commute or changes to their schedule and child care.  

Some employees might have to look for a new job if they feel they can’t commute to the new office location. Try to give your employees enough time for them to work out their personal details if needed.  

Further, it might be a good idea to start talking about the office move before you even select a moving date. Just remember, keep your employees and suppliers well informed.  

Consider Your Lease  

To avoid overlapping rent payments, choose a date that gives you enough time to get everything moved out of your current office, and moved into your new one. Give your landlord ample notice if you are planning to break your lease or leave when the lease ends.  

Create a digital inventory list and keep a hard copy for your business records.  

#2. Create an Inventory List 

Even if you are hiring professional movers, it is still important to create an inventory list of all the items that you plan to move into your new space. In the rare case that something goes missing during the move, it will be much easier to pinpoint any misplaced items.  

Office Items to Inventory  

When taking inventory, leave off small items like markers, notepads, and other smaller office supplies to save yourself from an overload headache. 

Here are some office supplies that should be inventoried on your list:  

  • Copy machines 
  • Filing cabinets 
  • Whiteboards and chalkboards 
  • Artwork and wall decor  
  • Office furniture such as desks, chairs, tables, etc.  
  • Office electronics such as computers and laptops, TVs, printers, etc.  
  • Kitchen appliances such as fridges, microwaves, etc.  

If you are planning an office move, call our team at Florida’s Best Moving for unparalleled moving service throughout Tampa Bay and beyond!  

#3. Organize Items to Be Moved  

Properly inventory, label, and organize all the items that you are planning to take. Label all boxes and items by the department to ensure that everything makes it to the correct spot in your new office space.  

#4. Downsize and Declutter  

While you are labeling items, set aside time to make note of items to declutter. You will want to set these aside in a marked area so they don’t accidentally get moved with the items that you are keeping.  

Once you have created your declutter pile, consider what is trash and which items could be donated or sold. Double-check everything before donating or throwing away as a mix-up could be quite costly later down the road.  

#5. Notify Your Customers and Clients 

We know how hectic moving an office can be, so it’s easy to overlook the obvious. Make sure to update your customers, clients, and partners with a ‘We’re Moving’ email campaign. 

Set up a three-email campaign: 

  1. Announce your office move.  
  1. Provide updated address info and the move-in date.  
  1. Send a reminder that your office has moved and include the new address again.  

Also, make sure to notify all your utilities, suppliers, banks, etc. of your new address to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.  

Some people don’t always open their emails, so make sure to send the “We’re Moving” email more than once. 

#6. Hire Professional Movers  

There is a lot of heavy lifting involved with an office move—just think about all those desks and conference tables! Hiring professional movers to do the hard work is always a good idea and will make your move as efficient and safe as possible.  

For liability reasons, never ask your employees to help with the move. It’s always better to hire a professional team like ours at Florida’s Best Moving!

Move Your Office with Ease  

If you follow these tips as you prepare to move your office, you’ll be an office moving expert! And if you need some help, our team is just a phone call away. From packing and unpacking to taking care of the logistics of moving day, our team at Florida’s Best Moving is here to help! 

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