Avoiding Clutter Overload when Moving from a House to a Condo

When you start packing up for a move, the first thing you discover is how much stuff you really have. When downsizing from a house to a condo, that discovery can bring on a lot of stress. First, you may think about what furniture can or can’t fit, but that’s the easy part! It’s all the little stuff, cabinets, drawers, closets all packed with years of collections. 

Don’t get overly stressed! Our moving pros at Florida’s Best Moving are here to help make downsizing a seamless transition! 

Declutter Before You Move 

To make this process easier, try to declutter before you pack up. Sort through all your items and separate what you want to keep and don’t want to keep. Doing this before you move saves you a lot of time moving as well. Besides, no one wants to unpack extra things they don’t even need to keep!  

Anything you don’t want can be donated or sold, so if you need any extra motivation to get rid of anything, look up how much the item sells for online! 

Pro Tip: You’ll accumulate a lot over time, so declutter regularly even if you don’t plan on moving. Especially once in a smaller space, you don’t want to let it get unorganized! 

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What Should I Keep? 

Letting go is hard, but keeping loads of nonessentials just leads to a messy disorganized home! Figuring out just what you want to keep isn’t always so simple either.  

While digging through old possessions, it’s easy to feel nostalgic about items that you didn’t even remember having, so just ask yourself: “Do I really need to keep this?” 

A good rule of thumb is to only keep things you need and things you enjoy. If it’s something you’re on the fence about, take a picture and keep it forever, without taking up extra space!  

Don’t forget! Here’s a checklist of necessities that you’ll want to make sure you don’t leave behind: 

  • Legal documents 
  • Identification 
  • Tax Returns 
  • Important receipts 

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Consider The New Home’s Storage 

Before your move, consider how much storage you have at your new place. Most condos only have an extra closet or 2 for storage and if you’re coming from a large house, that will definitely require some downsizing. 

Check the storage after your initial declutter, and make sure you have enough space for what you decide to keep. 

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 Need More Storage? 

If you come to realize you just won’t have enough storage for everything, consider getting a secondary storage. Florida’s Best Moving and Storage can help with that, as we offer both short and long-term storage options!  

Getting a storage unit will allow you to move in with exactly what you need, all while keeping your possessions safe and secure. 

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Let Florida’s Best Move You! 

Now that you know how to declutter in time for your move, you may realize you need some help along the way. Count on Florida’s Best Moving and Storage to protect your items and take the weight of moving off your shoulders!  

With some of the best moving and storage offerings in Florida, you can rest easy knowing that your downsize won’t result in a maze of boxes throughout your new condo. 

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