Avoiding Moving Company Scams

So, you’re moving – and the time comes to hire a moving company. You could look for the cheapest option, you could read reviews, or you could get referrals from friends – but you might not know what you’re going to get. Unfortunately, there are a lot of moving scams that could terrorize your move – an already stressful time.

Inexperienced, unlicensed, or low-quality movers can prey on desperate clients with the promise of low prices and fast turnaround times. When it comes time for you to move – these movers can often fail you, resulting in you needing to spend more of your money or your time. 

There are even worst-case scenarios where these movers will hold your belongings and make you pay additional fees that were not discussed upfront (something we’d never do). You have to do your research and choose a reputable mover – they will make everything about your move easier and overall better.

In this article, we will show you how to avoid moving company scams – to save your family time, money, and when it comes to everything you own let’s face it – maybe even agony.

Fly-By-Night Companies

These companies can be really difficult to spot because they get more creative with their marketing techniques. But if it’s one of those handwritten signs on the side of the street, you’re likely not dealing with a licensed moving company. These people do not take responsibility for your belongings and are shady in their business practices. 

One of the easiest ways to see if they are a real company is if they have online reviews, contact information, and are listed with the AMSA or BBB. DO NOT book with these companies even if the pricing sounds enticing. 

Movers Make Odd Requests

A good mover will put you first and answer any questions and concerns that you might have. If the company you’re talking to can’t answer simple questions with a straight answer, that is a sign you should look for a different mover. 

Common odd requests include:

  • Large down payments
  • Unnecessary extra fees
  • Questions that make you question their integrity

Get Everything in Writing

As pro movers, we don’t want you to have any misunderstandings during the move. To make sure that the movers stick to your terms – get everything down in writing. 

We’ll also give you copies of the invoices for your records and if we’re donating something to charity for you, you can even count on us to send you a copy of the slip.

Inventory Your Items

As you begin your move, it is highly recommended that you inventory all of your items to make sure everything makes it from “Point A” to “Point B.” Numbering your boxes and listing what is in each box is a simple method to quickly and easily check off your moving checklist and file any claims if needed.

Ask Questions

The most important piece of advice we can give is to ask questions. We want you to feel more comfortable and at ease, because why add to the stress of the move? 

Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have, as a trustworthy company we will have answers. If you’re looking at other movers, if the company seems off or vague, you may want to consider another moving company that is more direct with you.

Make the Move With a Reputable Mover

Florida’s Best Moving is a reputable business, and our family values make sure that we always set and match expectations with you and your moving needs. We have years of experience, and we will make your move go so much smoother than our competitors. We want to make you and your belongings feel safe. 

If you’re looking for a trustworthy moving company – for either short or long-distance moves – look no further than Florida’s Best Moving & Storage. We live up to our name and it starts with a no-hassle quote. We want to help you move – call us today for a quote and to ask any questions. We’re here for you.