Moving in Together: Tips for Combining Two Households

Whether you are a newlywed or are moving in with a significant other, it’s a BIG step. As a professional moving company, we know that even with a prudent plan it is not always easy to combine two households into one.  

Here are some tips from our moving pros at Florida’s Best Moving and Storage to help get ready for this next step in your relationship.  

Figure Out Where You Want to Live 

Although it might be easier to move into one person’s home, for many couples, it might be best to start over in a new place. That way it will feel like home to both of you rather than “his or her” apartment/house.  

If you do decide to move into one person’s home, will: 

  • The home’s owner or renter be open to making changes? 
  • The other person be allowed to make it feel more like their place? 
  • How will decorating decisions with furniture or artwork be made, and do they want a space of their own? 

Are you willing to compromise and make room for your significant other’s things? When combining households, changes must be made so both people feel happy and comfortable in their new home.  

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Go Through Your Possessions 

When combining households, you are likely to have more furniture, linens, towels, etc., than you need. You don’t need double of everything in your new place, so you will have to sort through your items to see what you are going to keep as a couple and what will be sold or donated.  

You may struggle to decide what pieces of furniture you need, but instead of arguing over whose couch is comfier, let your home decide what pieces will stay and which will go.  

Think realistically about the spaces in your new home. A giant, L-shaped couch might not fit in the living room, and your modern-style furniture might be out of place in a Victorian or traditional home.  

Tip: Measure the space to help make the “what to keep” decisions easier.  

Store It  

Don’t be afraid to investigate storing some of your items. If you are struggling with what to keep or donate, you might want to store some of these items for now.  

This can be especially helpful if you plan to move into a bigger home in the future because you might need those extra beds, linens, and towels for future guests. 

You also may want to keep some sentimental items in storage until you have your own man (or woman) cave.  

If you need to store items while you decide, Florida’s Best Moving and Storage offers climate-controlled short- and long-term storage options for couples in the Tampa Bay area!  

Discuss Finances  

This can be a tricky subject, but it is crucial to discuss finances before moving in together. You might want to open a joint checking account to pay the bills, but dividing up the bills can work too. One person can take care of rent, and the other takes care of the utilities and other costs.   

When moving in together, you must be frank about how bills will be paid before taking the next step.  

Combine Households with Ease 

The discussions and decisions have been made. Whew! Your next call is to Florida’s Best Moving and Storage for packing and moving help! Serving all of the Tampa Bay area, we will help you have a stress-free move so you can focus on the most exciting parts of moving in together.  

Plus, if you need to store items as you combine households, we offer short- and long-term storage options.  

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