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Taking Care of a Parent in Your Home

When the time has come for your aging parents to move in with you or to move into an assisted living facility or a nursing home, there are many factors and facets to consider. This is no easy decision for every party that is involved.  

The task of moving an aging parent is not easy, and the mental and emotional burden that accompanies both the parent and the adult caregiver is not easy either. Multigenerational living can be incredibly rewarding, but it should not be rushed into without thought. Since we care about our Seniors and are family-owned, let’s look at what it means to take care of a parent in your home.  

Before Your Parents Move In 

1 out of every 4 caregivers lives with an elderly loved one. There are many reasons why families come to this decision. Some reasons include it is cheaper than a nursing home/assisted living facility as well as they still want to feel connected to their loved ones. Living together can also help the aging parent avoid a sense of isolation and depression. 

Is Moving In The Right Move? 

Even though the upfront reasons make sense economically and are out of love, is it really the right decision for both parties? 

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide to take care of and have your aging parent move in: 

  • How will the move involve and affect my spouse and/or children? 
  • How does my aging parent feel about moving in? 
  • Will I need to quit or alter my work schedule? Will we be able to hire and afford extra help if needed? 
  • Is there an additional room and bathroom in the house for their private use? 
  • How will our family establish and enforce appropriate boundaries? 
  • How does my parent feel about moving in? 
  • How do I feel about becoming a caregiver?  

How Your Parents May Feel About Moving 

After you, and possibly your spouse and children, have discussed how you would feel about bringing in and taking care of your older relative, you must now take into account how they would feel.  

Seniors may have a hard time accepting a move; they may view it as a sign of losing their independence. It can potentially leave your parents feeling both emotionally and physically distressed and this is important for adult children to recognize. Make sure you have open-ended communication from the moment you start discussing a move and all throughout.  

There are questions your aging parent should consider as well, including: 

  • Will they help out financially? 
  • Will they be responsible for any household duties or chores? 
  • Will there be any social activities nearby? How will they get to these activities? 

Steps To Take To Ensure An Effective Move 

Once you’ve officially decided to embark on their new living situation, you’ll need to focus on getting your home and theirs ready.  

Having to organize, downsize, and pack a house full of lifelong belongings can be an overwhelming and monumental task. Many seniors are going from 2,000-3,000 square foot homes to 1-bedroom spaces. Going through the downsizing process can be made easier by: 

  • Setting realistic goals > focus on one small area of the house at a time, so it is more manageable 
  • Find and get estimates from moving companies like your friends at Florida’s Best Moving 
  • Take frequent breaks to prevent them from being overwhelmed 
  • Don’t pack unneeded paper! Shred any unnecessary documents before the move  
  • Arrange for charity pick up, garages sales, estate sales, or consignment shops 
  • Have lots of patience > remember this is your aging parent’s collection of their life and it will not be easy to declutter it all

Need Help with Your Parent’s Move? 

At Florida’s Best Moving, we specialize in moving seniors! We understand the time and patience it takes to work with seniors and get them where they need to be, whether it is your home so you can take care of them or it is an assisted living facility or nursing home. 

We are gentle and careful with their life-long and prized possessions and offer insurance. We understand that this is never an easy decision and we are here to make this new life transition simple.  

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