Seniors: How to Settle into Your New Senior Living Community

Once the moving is done, and the boxes are unpacked, it’s time to explore this new chapter in your life of senior living. Don’t feel like you have adjust to everything all in one day; it can be overwhelming to downsize. If it takes you a little while to settle in, that’s ok.  

Here are a few things that you can do to make settling into your senior living community a little easier… Plus, can’t miss tips for caregivers and kids to prepare for the move too:  

Personalize Your Space 

Whether you downsized before you moved, the apartment came furnished, or you brought your own furniture to your community, consider arranging a few pieces to make the layout feel more like home.   

Hanging up curtains, artwork, and family photographs will immediately transform your space and make it more personal. If allowed, make your front door entry more inviting with welcome signs, a wreath, or other personal touches. This will give people a chance to know a little more about you, and give a warm welcome to anyone who stops by.  

It’s surprising what a big difference these small changes can make!  

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Invite People Over 

Invite old friends and family over to check out your new senior living community. Loved ones will enjoy seeing you in your new place, and you can take them on a tour to meet your new friends and see the area. Consider coordinating their schedule during mealtime, so you can enjoy quality time and a delicious meal with your family.  

After you settle in, invite some of your new neighbors over for a visit. Make some tea or coffee, watch movies, or play cards. Spending time with the people who live around you will make you feel more at home and help foster a sense of community! 

Join in On Activities 

Senior living communities have all kinds of activities to take part in. From celebrations to clubs and excursions, there is always something happening.  

While you might want to stay in your apartment as you get settled, you’ll feel more connected by taking time to engage with life in the community. Participating in activities is a great way to meet new friends or explore a hobby you always wanted to try.  

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For Caregivers: How to Support Your Loved One 

If you have a family member who just moved into a senior living community, you play a more important role in their settling in than you might realize. Adjusting to a new place and new people can be overwhelming regardless of age, and they will need to lean on you for support in the first few weeks.  

To help encourage your loved one as they transition to their new senior living life, here are a few tips: 

Visit Regularly 

Even if your loved one is lonely, knowing that a friend or family member is coming to visit will give them something to look forward to and give them a boost throughout the week. Schedule visits with friends and family members so your loved one can look forward to regular visits.  

Fill Their Fridge 

When people move into a new house or neighborhood, friends and family often bring over housewarming gifts like delicious meals. By bringing delicious baked goods, meals, or snacks to your family member, you will let them know that they are still an important part of your life, even though they have moved. It can also remove some of the pressure that they might feel about eating their meals in the common room when they first arrive.  

Help with Create Daily Rituals 

Routines give anyone a sense of comfort and familiarity. By helping them establish daily rituals, such as morning coffee by the fireplace, or going on a walk in the garden before bed, you will provide them with a more predictable schedule which will help them acclimate to their senior living community life more quickly.  

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