What if it Rains on Moving Day?

You may have planned your move meticulously, but Florida’s weather has other plans…it’s raining on moving day! 

While a stormy rainy day is the last thing you need when you are moving, don’t panic! As an experienced moving company, we have seen a lot of moving days—rain or shine—and we promise that you can make it through a rainy moving day with minimal stress.  

Moving when it’s lightly raining is usually not going to cause any issues, but heavy rain can cause some challenges. If it’s raining heavily, then you may want to wait to move the next day. Of course, if you have a deadline to make the move, then these tips should help you.  

Here is how to handle a rainy moving day like a professional mover: 

Preparing to Move 

Preparation is key…if at any point you need a hand, simply call our local movers. We’ll handle it all for you even getting wet on moving day. 

Set Aside Cleaning Supplies and Towels  

Make sure that your cleaning supplies and towels don’t get loaded up on the moving truck too early. Even though professional movers put down floor protection, you will likely want to mop up when the move is over or if there is mud or puddles to deal with. Have your mop and bucket at the ready and put it on the truck last.  

Towels can be useful to dry off lightly damp items once they get loaded onto the truck, wrap items to protect them from brief rain exposure, and mop up any floor puddles. Keep a few towels handy throughout your rainy moving day.  

Back the Truck Right Up to the Door  

Do everything you can to limit the amount of time your items are exposed to rain and have the movers back the truck up as close to your door as possible. This will minimize the amount of rain that can fall on your items and your moving team on moving day.  

Don’t worry about our movers making a mess, we put down floor protection whether the sun is shining or it’s raining. Call Florida’s Best Moving for a moving quote—813-485-6580! 

Protect Your Items  

Covered Porches and Make-Shift Tarp Roofs 

Create as much cover for your outside walking path as possible and use covered porches or tarps to create a makeshift “roof.”  

No need to spend too much time on this, but it is wise to minimize the rain-exposed space between your door and the moving truck.  

Wrap Furniture and Boxes 

Consider how furniture and boxes will get from the door to the truck without them getting soaked. Tarps are great for this, but large trash bags can also wrap around boxes or be laid over furniture to help keep things dry.  

If you move quickly, blankets and towels can also protect your items from a drizzle. Just don’t move too fast; trust us, some of those boxes are heavy and in the rain, you could slip and hurt yourself. If you’re DIY’ing your move, plan to go very slowly. 

Plastic Crates 

Consider picking up a few large plastic crates from a nearby store as they are very effective for transporting small items whether it is raining or not.  

Use closed plastic creates as rain shields and put small items inside, empty them once inside the truck, and then return for another load. This method may make loading the truck a little longer of a process, but your items will be dry.  

Towel Everything Off  

Have a stack of towels inside the moving truck to quickly wipe off any raindrops. Plus, keep some towels inside your house to towel off tarps, boxes, or anything else that may have gotten wet in the process of moving.  

Protecting Your Floors 

Floor Mats 

If there is mud on the path to the moving truck, put down heavy floor mats at any entrance being used for the move. Encourage everyone to wipe their feet and be prepared to clean off the mats halfway through the move. Also, put towels down to help prevent puddles.  

Hand Off Zone 

An excellent way to keep your floors clean during a rainy moving day is to create a hand-off zone. Have a group of people indoors with clean shoes to pick up boxes and furniture and take them to the front door where another group with muddy shoes will take the items to the truck. If you have a tiled entryway or a covered porch, use them as hand-off zones.  

Towels and Mop 

Remember: keep those towels and mop handy to quickly clean up any messes at the home you are moving away from—and the house you are moving to.  

Rainy Day Move? No Problem 

We know that Tampa Bay’s weather can be unpredictable, but don’t worry, our movers at Florida’s Best Moving have the experience and expertise to help you move even in bad weather.  

If moving during a rainy day seems overwhelming, remember, when you hire our top-rated movers, we will take the stress out of a rainy moving day by figuring out everything for you and will minimize rain exposure to your home and items.  

We can help you move—even on a rainy day! Call Florida’s Best Moving & Storage today for a moving quote: 813-485-6580!