How to Safely Move a Piano

What’s the best way to move a piano weighing hundreds to thousands of pounds? Hire professional movers. This is imperative if the instrument is being relocated downstairs, via an elevator, or even through a tight space.  

Pianos are valuable, heavy, and awkward; let’s not forget the injuries that you could cause to your back or damage to your home if one is improperly moved!  

However, if you are determined to move your piano yourself, here are some helpful tips to ensure it is done safely.  

Ask for Moving Help  

Pianos are bulky and awkward to move; an upright piano is top-heavy, and the legs and feet are fragile. Again, we strongly recommend professional movers for this task, but if you still plan to move it yourself, then you’ll need a few stout, helping hands. 

Plan to have at least four people to move an average piano properly and safely. Because it’s no ordinary request, offer your friends and family something for their efforts such as lunch or a return favor to thank them for their help.  

Use the Right Equipment 

Rent or purchase heavy-duty straps that will provide a better hold while moving the piano. You will also need a furniture dolly that supports the full weight of the instrument. The straps will be used to secure the piano to the dolly and in the moving truck.  

You will also need padding or moving blankets to protect your precious piano from bumps and scrapes. This also will help protect your walls! 

If you are unsure about the equipment you need, ask the pros at Florida’s Best Moving and Storage or, better yet, have us move your piano. We safely move them short or long distance around Tampa, FL. Contact us today for a quote, (813) 485-6580! 

Protect the Keyboard 

  • First, close and lock the keyboard lid to prevent it from opening during the move. Piano keys are fragile and require protection.  
  • If the keyboard lid does not lock, make sure that the lid is closed when you wrap the piano for moving.  
  • Tape should never be used to keep the lid closed because this can damage the piano’s surface. 

Wrapping the Piano 

Wrap the piano with moving blankets or padding, and make sure the corners are protected. Secure the blankets and padding with packing tape. Remember: keep the tape from destroying the surface of the piano.  

Pro Tip: Ensure that the blankets or padding used are thick enough to keep the piano protected from bumps that it might incur.  

Now the hard part… 

Lifting the Piano  

When lifting a piano into position, whether onto a furniture dolly, a truck, or to another location in your home, it must not be picked up by its legs, which are fragile and could break. Keep the piano in the upright position—laying it on its side can damage the inner mechanics.  

To lift: 

  1. Position two people on each end of the piano and secure moving straps on the underside, with a strap on each end.  
  1. With one person holding each end of the straps (this is why you require four people, one for each corner) lift the piano onto the furniture dolly.  
  1. Secure it, and ensure the legs are flat on the moving dolly. Be careful! 
  1. If the piano has casters lock them, and ensure the piano is well secured.  

Skip the potential injuries while trying to relocate a piano and call the professionals at Florida’s Best Moving. We are happy to safely move your piano to its new home!  

Securing it in the Truck 

The piano should be secured next to the moving truck’s back wall. It will be one of the first pieces packed and the last to be unloaded at your new home.  

Movers often suggest using wood planks to ensure level flooring for the piano to help relieve pressure on the casters and piano legs during the move. If you decide to use planks, lay them along the back of the wall.  

Putting it in the truck: 

  1. Carefully lift the piano from the dolly onto the planks. 
  1. Using the moving straps, secure the piano to the truck’s wall. 
  1. Ensure that the piano won’t roll or tip while the truck is moving.  

Moving In 

Before moving into your new home, you should identify precisely where you want the piano to go; it should be against a wall. If you must negotiate stairs, elevators, or tight spaces, call in a professional.  

Tune It! 

Remember: every time your piano is moved, it will need to be tuned. The inner workings are sensitive to movements and bumps, so hire a professional tuner to get it sounding perfect again.  

Move Your Piano with Florida’s Best Moving 

Have a joy-filled home and enjoy making new memories with family & friends with your piano safely moved with you.  

To keep you and your piano safe, skip trying to do it yourself. Nothing is sadder than a broken piano! At Florida’s Best Moving, we are immensely proud to be able to offer piano-moving services across the Tampa Bay area.  

Let us safely move your piano so you can continue to make beautiful music in your new home. Call our team for a moving quote, (813) 485-6580!