How to Prepare Items for Storage

Are you decluttering? Downsizing your home to move into a smaller one? Or maybe, you’re moving in between cities and need a little more time and space. While storage is a quick and easy way to solve those ‘where I can put my stuff’ problems, you can’t just toss your items randomly into a unit and call it day.  

With Florida’s Best Moving & Storage your things can be safe from the elements until you need them again. Follow our tips to properly prep your valuable items for storage! 

Decide What to Put Into Storage  

If you don’t need these items right now, there may be a good chance that you might in the future. Pack items to store that you actually plan to use again. Inspect each item closely before you start packing for storage, if it’s not valuable, sentimental, or useful, it might be time to donate or toss it!  

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Not sure? Should it go Into Storage? 

Inventory It!  

Before putting anything into storage, make an inventory list so you know exactly what is stored. It’s easy to forget what you have in your storage space. You can print the list and put it right on top or side of the box so you know exactly what’s inside! 

If you decide to store on your own, it’s a good idea to keep a detailed inventory list in case anything gets damaged by a natural disaster and you need to file a claim.   

Choose Proper Storage Containers  

While our storage units are climate-controlled, it’s always a great idea to pack your items in proper storage containers, regardless of how long you plan for items to be in storage. Consider purchasing brand-new cardboard boxes, or better yet, clear plastic bins so you can see what’s inside!  

Either way, make sure to have boxes of different sizes and shapes so you can fully maximize your storage space.  

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Prepare Items for Storage  

To prepare your items for their time in storage, follow these tips: 

  • Clean all items thoroughly to avoid any musty smells or mold growth. This is especially important for furniture and household appliances. Vacuum all furniture while you’re at it!  
  • Ensure every item is 100% dry before packing.  
  • Use a leather conditioner before packing any upholstered or leather items.  
  • Consider disassembling larger furniture such as beds, dressers, or tables to save space and protect their parts.  

Now, let’s discuss how to pack particular items for storage: 


Clothing pieces are some of the most common items that are placed in storage, especially seasonal pieces. The best way to store clothes is to hang them inside garment bags or wardrobe boxes. This way, they stay wrinkle and dust-free!  

Using vacuum-sealed bags to pack and store larger pieces such as winter jackets and coats can save a ton of space.  


Before storing furniture, clean all surfaces, and disassemble each piece if possible. Protect furniture legs by wrapping them in bubble wrap, or furniture covers.  

Make use of the space in and around your stored furniture. Pack smaller items in any drawers or dressers to adequately maximize storage space.  

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To best pack books for their time in storage: 

  • Ensure that they are completely dry 
  • Wrap any valuable books in packing paper for extra protection 
  • To prevent damage to their spines, arrange books into boxes lying flat 
  • Use small cardboard boxes instead of large ones – those book boxes can get heavy! 
  • Make sure to tape all boxes shut so no dust or moisture will ruin them. 

Fragile Items 

Packing your most delicate and fragile items for moving is never easy, it can be heartbreaking to open a box to find broken pieces!  

Pack fragile items with tissue paper or packing paper, then bubble wrap. Don’t skimp on the packing paper and bubble wrap when putting these items in boxes, and mark all boxes with FRAGILE! Done! 


Protect artwork including pictures, photos, and paintings during your move by putting them into short-term storage. 

Wrap pieces of artwork individually with packing paper, and then bubble wrap. In case of breakage, make a big X with packing tape on the glass area of any framed pieces. This will ensure that any broken glass pieces won’t damage your piece. To protect the edges of your frames, use cardboard corners whenever possible.  

Label It!  

When in doubt, label it! No seriously. Label every box that you put into storage. Now you’re ready to pack your storage unit (or have our local pros do it for you)!  

Storage Solutions from Florida’s Best Moving 

Live in the Tampa Bay area? With short-term and long-term storage options available, Florida’s Best Moving is ready to help you keep your most prized possessions safe and secure while you move or downsize. We can pack, move, and store your things so you can free up more time! 

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