Furniture Moving 101

You’ve finally finished closing on your dream home, and you’re ready to start packing up your current house and get settled in. But now the part everyone dreads: moving.  

Luckily, we’ve put together a great starting guide to make sure that this process is most easily settled and you’re back to enjoying your new home in no time. Of course, if you don’t want to chance it or spend the time moving yourself, call us for an affordable moving quote in Tampa Bay or even long-distance. Scroll down for Tampa’s Best Moving and Storage’s furniture moving guide:  

Disassemble as Needed  

“How did I get this in here in the first place?”  

Your first step is likely to break your larger furniture pieces down into smaller pieces. Most pieces of home furniture allow for easy disassembly even after they have been completed, so look for places where this is an option to take away some of the headache of trying to move your couch, dining room table, or bedframe.  

Our local movers suggest you break down things that are all-in-one piece to minimize risk of damage to your pieces or your current home as you move. 

Nail Your Next Move: What to Pack When  

Know Where Your Tools Are 

It can be a headache losing track of screws or special wrenches needed to put together different pieces, but your phone can often be your best friend when trying to navigate this. The video feature can offer a great guide on how “this went into that” when you find yourself stuck on how to put back together that bed frame or desk, and also serve as a great guide on where each of these tools were placed when you’ve taken everything apart.  

Also, don’t be afraid to use plastic bags or tape to keep special screws or bolts with picture frames and other odd pieces where hardware can seemingly go missing out of nowhere. Organization is crucial in the moving process, and in cases like this, a picture can truly save a thousand headaches. 

The Right Equipment Makes Moving Easier 

Moving can be backbreaking work (literally). Our professional movers can’t tell you how many times we have heard about people injuring themselves when trying to move…  

Take it easy on yourself in an already busy and stressful time, and don’t shy away from things like hand trucks or dollies to move multiple boxes or bigger pieces of furniture. They may seem like more work to load and unload in the moment, but can save the hours that you would have to take to rest on having strained a muscle or rolling an ankle.  

Forgo the heavy lifting, and call in the pros from Florida’s Best Moving to help you pack and safely move your large furniture items to your new home! Contact us today for a quote!  

Protect Items with Blankets 

Keeping furniture pieces safe is an important part of preparing for moving day. Avoid scuffs, scratches, and dents by adequately protecting each of these pieces before the moving truck arrives.  

Be sure to pull out any moving blankets (or even towels) to help shield desks or tables from scratches during the loading and unloading process.  

Plus, you can use drawers on dressers as a way to safely pack away smaller belongings for their trip in the moving truck.  

We do moves daily and some clients see our safe packing technique and have compared it to a game of Tetris… 

We are Tampa Bay’s packing and unpacking pros, and we are ready to help you move into your new home without a hitch! Call Florida’s Best Moving at 813-485-6580  for a moving or storage quote today!  

Take Your Time  

Don’t rush. Take your time to be organized in your sorting, packing, and moving process to make the most out of your time spent unpacking.  

Much of the initial stress can be felt from just trying to put things into boxes initially, however, finding what you’re looking for to complete your home can be just as worrisome after you’ve brought everything into your new home. 

Don’t Stress: Packing Tips to Make Moving Day Easy  

Make the Move with Florida’s Best Moving  

For many, it’s safe to say that on a list of Top 100 things people least enjoy, moving has got to be rated at an all-time high. However, it doesn’t need to be the big check mark that everyone dodges around with the correct help in place. Each of these steps can help to save time in the long run, but only if they’re done with attention to detail.  

Florida’s Best Moving and Storage is one of Tampa’s most trusted moving companies. With our team of dedicated and responsible movers, we can get you and your large furniture pieces into your new home.  Get started on your new start; call our licensed local movers or fill out the form below for a free, no hassle quote!