How to Beat Relocation Depression

Here at Florida’s Best Moving, we know that relocating can cause a lot of different feelings to come up – including excitement, fear, panic, and stress. Moving (especially for seniors) can also contribute to feelings of depression. This is known as relocation depression, and if you’ve ever felt this way – you’re not alone. 

No matter what, we want our homes to be a safe place for ourselves and our families, and we don’t want them to be a cause for depression and anxiety. We always want you to have the best moving experience possible. Below are some tips for beating relocation depression and diving into your new community. 

Before Your Move… 

Say Farewell, but Stay in Touch 

Moving from friends, family, and support systems can be hard. If you can, host a going-away party to celebrate the time spent and memories made in your current place.  

If you’re only moving across town you can set up a time to show off your new home to your old friends. If your move is taking you further away, a virtual home tour and the occasional event will keep you feeling closer to those you left behind.  

Organize Your Move 

Stress is one of the primary factors that can cause depression. An unorganized move will cause you more stress. The extra effort of getting organized prior to moving will go a long way. Some simple ways to keep everything organized: 

  • Packing and labeling your boxes before your move date 
  • Researching your new community 
  • Keeping a daily to-do list 
  • Creating a schedule and sticking to it as closely as possible 

If you can reduce your stress during your move, you’ll be in a better position to handle difficulties after your move.  

If the idea of organizing and packing is too overwhelming, you can always hire Florida’s Best Moving. We will organize, pack, and unload at your new home. Contact us today for services, rates, and free in-home estimates. 

After Your Move… 

Settle In 

You’ll feel better once you’re settled. Unpack boxes and get your belongings set up quickly to help beat relocation depression. If you’re moving with kids and pets, this is especially a key to your stress-free move.  

Create a “Piece of Home” for Your New Home 

When you arrive at your new home and start unpacking, see about recreating a space from your old home.  

You can try to arrange the furniture the same, or maybe hang photos in the same pattern. You’ll likely feel more comfortable if the new environment feels familiar. 

Get Rest and Exercise 

We all know that moving is an extremely busy time. It can be easy to let certain routines and habits fall to the wayside. The first things to go tend to be sleep and exercise. There are so many studies that link sleep to our daily mental functions. After a good night’s rest, you’re able to get a better head on your shoulders.  

It’s important to maintain a consistent exercise routine to help your mental state – with or without the stress of a move. The endorphins released in your brain from exercise are linked to increased happiness and reduced anxiety. You’ll also begin to feel more energetic, which can help fight off those bouts of depression that can happen when you first move to a new city. 

Remember Your Routine  

And stick to it… 

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to take control of your life. It’s best to be as realistic as possible for maintaining (or building) your routine, but you want to create a system that you can stick to. Little things like waking up and going to bed at the same time every day can alleviate your feelings of anxiety and depression – especially while you’re still adjusting to your new home. 

Move Forward with Florida’s Best Moving 

Relocation depression can be really serious. It’s important to take care of your mind and body to help minimize the stress that you’re feeling in your daily life. We all want to be happy and at peace especially in our homes. If you’re feeling low after a move, try making some adjustments to increase your feeling of control and happiness in your life. 

If you’re looking to hire movers for any upcoming moves in Tampa Bay, reach out to Florida’s Best Movers today. We work to make you feel comfortable, no matter your moving situation. As a family-owned business, we’ll treat you like family. You can trust our local movers to work with you to be organized, efficient, and feel taken care of during your move. Get a free in-home estimate today!