Tips for Office Moves

Time is money and our small business gets it…Here are tips to pack and move your commercial office space! 

Commercial business moves can be a big endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds to move your office! By making a plan, prioritizing organization, and investing in a team of moving professionals like Florida’s Best Moving, you can simplify the process of packing and moving your office space tremendously! 

Remember, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Follow these tips from our team of top Tampa movers to ensure that your next commercial office move is a seamless one!  

Pack It Up Early  

Depending on how big your business is, and how many people you have helping you with your move, you’ll want to start the packing process early. There are many moving parts in a business and you likely have much more to pack and move than you would have if you were moving your home. Keep in mind that the packing and moving process may take considerably more time, and that’s ok!  

Don’t be one of the many business owners who fail to plan for their move. Often the time it takes to move is underestimated, so save yourself the headache and optimize organization and start early!  

Tip: Let employees know about the move as soon as possible, so they may make appropriate arrangements if necessary. 

Need help packing up? Florida’s Best Moving are pros at getting offices packed up (and unpacked) quickly and efficiently!  

Invest in Proper Moving Supplies  

As with any move, you will want to make sure that you have the proper packing supplies to do the job. Moving an office often entails moving expensive equipment such as computers, printers, fax machines, etc.  

Don’t just bring in any old paper box. Invest in high-quality moving boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets, high-quality packing tape, clear zip-lock bags, and pens and markers for labeling. Investing in higher quality moving supplies will help ensure that all your office items arrive at their final destination in one piece!  

Or skip it and just book our top-rated Tampa Bay moving company. We’ll manage it all for you so you and your team can keep working! Call today for a hassle-free quote.  

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Downsize + Donate  

Moving is a great time for businesses of any size to take stock of their commercial possessions, and downsize or upgrade. If you have outdated office equipment or items that rarely get used, moving is a great time to donate to a local charitable organization (these are great come tax time).  

Old phones, office furniture, printers, copiers, computers, and even other office supplies are all great candidates for donation. Not only will  you save yourself time in packing these unwanted items, but you can write these donations off the next time you file your taxes.  

Tip: If you do plan to write off your donation, be sure to double-check which donation centers are registered charities. 

Organization is Key  

Label, label, label. This is your new mantra for your office move. Once you begin the task of packing up your office, organization is key.  

Keep boxes organized by clearly labeling what is inside, and where its home will be in your new office. Using a label-based numbering system is vital to a move, especially if you are using a moving company. Not only do labels ensure that the items end up in the right place, but you will be able to make a detailed claim in the event that any of your office supplies are lost or damaged during the move.  

Florida’s Best Moving strives to be the best commercial office moving company in Tampa Bay. We take great care with any of our moving clients and their possessions through attention to detail and offer insurance on everything they own. 

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Tip: Assign a number to each employee’s workstation so that all of their items end up in their new office space!  

Pack Tech Gear Correctly 

Computers likely play an integral role in your business, so to ensure that they arrive safe and sound, follow these guidelines:  

  • Protect each computer individually with proper packing supplies. We recommend that computers be covered with heavy blankets and wrapped in tape to ensure a tight hold. Never stack your computers on top of other items, or other items on top of them.  
  • Always wrap computer monitors. Wrap the monitors individually in thick moving blankets or tape and bubble wrap. Do not put them in a box. ( Make sure that the tape does not touch the monitor screen, as this can cause damage.)  
  • Safeguard your data. There are a few different ways that you can ensure the safety of the data stored on your computers. The first, “park” your hard drives. This is done by lifting each hard drive head from the computers’ disk platters to prevent damage. The most foolproof way to safeguard your data is to store files on a removable hard drive or cloud-based service to back up your computers before the move.  
  • Don’t forget about your cables! Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to locate the correct cord or cable, or have to deal with disorganized cables when you are setting your office back up. First thing to keep in mind, cables should always be removed from computers to avoid damage and misplacement. For optimal organization, store cables in large zip-locked bags and label them with information including which computer they belong to, and which office the computer is in etc.  

Tip: Always read instructions and warning labels and follow any moving-specific directions. Moving an item improperly can result in damage and a voided warranty.  

Moving Office Furniture with Ease  

Offices are full of chairs, storage, and desks, which can be a challenge to move. Here are a few quick tips to keep these items secure and damage-free during a move:

  • Chairs + Seating: Office seating can be oddly shaped. Save space and prevent breakage by disassembling your office chairs if possible, and wrapping the fragile components in thick moving blankets. Make sure to label where the chairs go if you have multiple offices, or conference rooms or different types of chairs.  
  • StorageThe space in file cabinets and shelving units should be optimized when moving. Remove shelves whenever possible, and fill the units with light items to conserve space. Always tape drawers shut so they don’t open during the move.   
  • Desks + Tables: Desks with drawers should have all removable parts taken out before being loaded on the moving truck. Tape all non-removable drawers shut, and protect any glass surfaces by packing them ( wrap in a heavy moving blanket) separately.  

Insure Your Items for the Move  

Always invest in insurance to keep your office’s property protected in the event of damage or loss. If you are going to make the move yourself (which we don’t recommend) opt for all the insurance coverage you can. If you use a professional moving company, choose a company like Florida’s Best Moving that holds insurance that protects your entire office during a move.  

The professional movers at Florida’s Best Moving can help pack and do the heavy lifting and shuttling, which can save you hours of time and energy during your commercial office move. If you need to store any of your items, Florida’s Best Moving also offers convenient storage options. 

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