Moving? Money-Saving Tips

Moving expenses can add up fast—leading to unnecessary stress when you’re already experiencing enough from all the changes in your life. Here at Florida’s Best Moving, we are experts at helping you move on a budget without all that extra stress.  

Scroll down to learn our top seven ways to save money while moving!  

Declutter Your Home and Sell the Excess  

You can actually make some money during your move! Before moving is the perfect time to carefully consider if the items in your home. Are they worth the time and cost to move? If not, sell them and use the cash for moving or other expenses.  

Start by gathering unneeded items that are valuable enough to sell. Once you know what items you no longer want to keep: 

  • Have a garage or estate sale.  
  • Sell online with OfferUp or Craigslist. 
  • List your items on a community to neighborhood Facebook page. 
  • Barter with friends or family 
  • If you still have items left, consider donating them.  

Getting rid of a TV that you do not use anymore can be an easy decision, but getting rid of other things, especially sentimental items, can be difficult. For those kinds of items, you may need more time to decide, which is where a short-term storage unit can be helpful. 

If you need to store sentimental items that you aren’t ready to part with, Florida’s Best Moving and Storage offers climate-controlled short- and long-term storage options in the Tampa Bay Area!  

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Donate Items That You Cannot Sell 

Whatever you can’t sell, donate. For a donation to potentially save you money, ask for an itemized receipt of what you donated so you can write off the donation on your taxes.  

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Use Free or Inexpensive Packing Materials  

Boxes, tape, and other packing materials can be quite costly. Instead of buying bubble wrap, you can use household items for packing material.  

Save money on packing supplies by: 

  • Using socks to wrap glassware and fragile items. 
  • Kitchen towels are great to separate and pad plates. 
  • Avoid buying moving boxes and look for people who are willing to give them away or reuse all those Amazon boxes. (You know you have them!) 

Measure Access Points Before the Move  

Do not make the mistake of eyeballing the size of doorways in your home. Measure tables, sofas, and other furniture and evaluate how they will fit into your home’s new footprint. Just because a sectional couch fits in your living room in your old house, does not mean that it will fit in your new space.  

In addition to measuring your furniture, measure the dimensions of each room and take note of the width and heights of door frames, stairwells, and hallways. If you live too far away to do so, ask the landlord or seller if they can give you this information before the move.  

Once you determine what will and will not fit, it will be easier to determine what can be moved, and what needs to stay behind.  

Wait to Splurge on Your New Home  

The trick to saving money while moving is to freeze spending. It can be tempting to purchase items for your new home, but reign in emotional spending and commit to a spending hiatus until after your move.  


  • Buy only what you need for your new place.  
  • Resist mentally decorating your new home until you are moved in.  
  • The less that you buy now, the less you will have to move on moving day!  

Shop Around 

If you are moving on a budget, try to cut your monthly spending in as many ways as possible—even if it is only temporarily. Moving to a new place is the perfect time to seek out a new cable or Internet provider. 

Before you move, consider canceling TV or Internet service early. Using your phone’s Wi-Fi can help cut costs before you even begin to pack.  

P.S. Do not forget to collect utility or rent deposits you may have paid!  

Avoid Peak Moving Months 

While this may be unavoidable, try to schedule your move outside of peak moving times. Generally, our peak moving times are between May and September, and the end of each month. Do not forget to schedule your move well in advance as well!  

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Move with Confidence  

Whew! It is time to move! Serving all of Tampa Bay, Florida’s Best Moving will help you have a stress-free moving experience so you can focus on the most exciting part of your move—enjoying your new home! 

Plus, if you need to store items during your move, we offer short- and long-term storage options.   

Ready to move? Fill out the quote form below or give us a call at (813) 485-6580. We cannot wait to help you move to your new home! Save on your move – you can even hire us for as little as an hour. Say bye stressing about renting a truck then getting it back fueled on time.