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Donating Items After a Loved One Has Passed

Regardless of how well you prepare, cleaning out the home of a deceased loved one is an extremely emotional and stressful experience. For some, it may be months, even years after your loved one has passed before you’re ready to tackle this project. For those in assisted living facilities, the time table may be much shorter. Either way, our team of local movers is here to help you during this emotional time. Here we offer tips that will hopefully make this difficult process a lot easier. 

What Can You Do with a Family Member’s Things after their Death?  

While you may want to hold on to every precious item yourself or share with family members, it’s just not possible to do so.  

Once you’ve gone through your parent’s belongings, we help you find local charities and organizations who gladly accept donations, whether it be shoes, clothing, furniture, etc. after a loved one has passed. You may also want to consider donating to an organization near and dear to your loved one to honor them and we can drop off your donated items. 

Preparing to Donate  

Preparation is the key to making this huge undertaking a little easier. These tips will help you get started in organizing and donating items after a death.  

  • Gather supplies, i.e. boxes, permanent markers, gloves, bags 
  • Ask for help from close friends and family members to go through your loved one’s items (or call on a professional team to help organize, donate, or store it) 
  • Gather supplies, i.e. boxes, permanent markers, gloves, bags 
  • Ask for help from close friends and family members to go through your loved one’s items (or call on a professional team to help organize, donate, or store it) 

At Florida’s Best Moving & Storage, we understand how difficult it is to go through the belongings of a deceased loved one, and we are here to help you through the process. We specialize in Senior moving and donations from assisted living centers throughout Tampa Bay. Call us for a FREE estimate on moving and storage services at 813-485-6580 

You Can’t Keep Everything  

Our movers know this is an emotional process, but we also know you won’t be able to keep or store everything. Do not feel guilty for not keeping every item. The most important things to keep are your memories. 

While some of the belongings are no doubt sentimental and important, the other stuff is not your responsibility to keep it forever. If the items are not of sentimental value, then donate them so they can bring joy to another person or local charity in need.  

Find a Charity to Donate Items 

We can donate some items from your loved one’s home or facility to an organization they cared about. Or, there are so many great charities who will gladly accept any lightly used items! Here are some ideas here in Tampa Bay… 

Professional Clothing – Organizations such as Dress for Success (women’s clothing) and Career Gear (men’s clothing) accept professional clothing that helps homeless and underprivileged people prepare for job interviews.  

Shoes – Lightly worn shoes are ALWAYS in need! Donate athletic shoes to Give Running or Nike’s Reuse a Shoe program or any type of shoe to Soles 4 Souls.  

Coats – These are especially important items to donate, especially for those who live in cold climates and cannot afford decent coats. Burlington Coat Factory collects gently used coats that are donated from their stores, and One Warm Coat also collects coats for the needy.  

For clothing that cannot be reused, Planet Aid accepts all clothing and shoes no matter the condition, with all items being recycled. 

Furniture & Household Items – You always have the old standbys who will accept furniture – Salvation ArmyGoodwill Industries, and Habitat for Humanity. Again, all items should be gently used and in decent condition. If items are too worn, we can safely dispose of the items. You can trust us to honor your loved ones possessions and get them to where they need to go after their passing.  

Our local moving team can help pick up and drop off your donations and will even send you the receipt so you have it for your records and boxes of clothes and shoes.  

We partner with several local charities that support military Veterans, women and children, churches, and community centers. We have a 1-hour minimum and work efficiently to donate items from your loved one’s home or assisted living center. Contact us today for a no-hassle quote. 

Tampa Bay’s Premier Senior Moving Specialist 

At Florida’s Best Moving & Storage, we understand how easy it is to get overwhelmed while cleaning out and moving the belongings of a deceased loved one. Once all the important items and their beloved keepsakes have been claimed or given to family, we are here to help in any way possible. Our local team can help with both moving or storage services so you can have peace of mind. 

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