Clever Ways to Organize Your Home

We’re spending a lot more time at home these days, so never has it been more important to keep it organized! By doing so, you will spend less time searching for lost items, become more productive, and enjoy the pleasures of living in a clutter-free home.  

You may not need to move to a place with more space…you may just need to rethink how you can reorganize what you have now. If clearing the clutter in your home sounds overwhelming, never fear! There are tons of easy and creative ways to do it. Here’s how to make the best of your home organization! 

Keeping Your Home Organized 

Utilize the space under seating for storage.  

An easy, attractive way to create extra storage space is by utilizing the extra space under a couch, chair, or bench. For aesthetic purposes, stow your stuff in a basket, bin, tote, or crate.  

Create a “drop zone” near your entryway.  

Tidy up a messy entryway by giving common items a home near the front door. Baskets, a galvanized tub, and fabric bins are just a few ideas that provide ample (and nice-looking) storage without taking up too much space.  

Organize your coffee table for creative storage.  

Decorative bowls, trays, and shadow boxes are great ways to create orderly space for remotes, coasters, and other commonly used items in your living room or den.  

Create a cleaning caddy.  

To condense the space used to stow cleaning supplies, create an easy-to-carry caddy that includes supplies such as gloves, sponges, bottles, and brushes.  

Create junk drawer zones. 

We all have one – or two –junk drawers. But these catchall spaces can be somewhat organized to store your miscellaneous items by creating zones of similar or related items. 

Keep the junk, just store it a little better so you can keep the drawer closed. As you organize it, think about do you still really need it…


Look in the linen closets 

Use every part of your linen closet. From towels to sheets to everything-in-between, the linen closet can easily become a magnet for clutter. Save space and organize by adding items such as a towel rack, baskets, or bins to break up the shelves. This can help reorganize your pantry too! 

Implement “cord management.”  

Most modern households have a plethora of devices that often create a tumbleweed of cords. To apply “cord management” utilize zip ties, rubber bands, hinge clips, or twist ties.  

Repurpose unconventional items for shelving.  

When it comes to shelf storage, think out of the box! Shelving does not have to be on the wall or a traditional shelving unit. You can repurpose common household items such as a ladder, drying rack, or tiered tray to give knick-knack items a pretty new home. 

Repurpose household items to organize your pantry.  

There’s nothing like an organized pantry to help keep you sane while prepping for meals! Organizing is easy with the use of office supplies, common household items, bins, Tupperware, and more!  

As you organize, look for expiration dates and throw any old food items out immediately. For caregivers, Senior parents may have expired food in both the pantry and the fridge you can search for to clean some clutter and make for a much safer living environment.  

Create space in your closet to give accessories a home.  

Look beyond the traditional uses for hangers, hooks, and rods and repurpose them as a storage spot for sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, bags, and other accessories!  

Toss It, Reorganize It, or Store It 

We understand clearing out the clutter in your home can be stressful! But when you’re done, you’ll feel much better about your home.  

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