Places to Donate Furniture in Tampa Bay

Whether you are moving or just Spring cleaning, donation should be on your to-do list. It’s great to give back what you can. But, finding a place to donate larger items like furniture may sound like a lot of work. There are ways to make your process of donating a ton easier! Our moving pros tell how you can do some good and donate without breaking a sweat (or your back for that matter). We know several Tampa Bay charities that accept larger donation pieces. Plus, we can help with all the heavy lifting! 

Do Some Good, Donate  

We encourage you to start thinking about donating to others in need when you want to dispose of your old things.  There are many ways to give back to our Tampa community and donating your unwanted items to people in need can be a huge blessing to them and their family. Now more than ever, there are people in need and your generosity can help make their family’s life much easier. 

Florida’s Best Moving and Storage is licensed to provide services throughout the entire state of Florida, but we love our home in Tampa, FL. We strive to always be the best local movers for short-term moves or hourly furniture donations. Call our moving company today to get a hassle-free quote – 813-485-6580! 

Where Can I Donate Near Tampa? 

We’re glad you asked.  Here are some organizations to reach out to If you are looking for where to donate furniture, there are a few options available to you. Be sure to call or check the charities website to learn what’s needed and the requirements to donate larger items. 

Charities are looking for quality standards on your donations.  If your pieces are severely damaged, you can consider junk removal as we should donate not dump at these organizations. 

Common items donation centers may not accept include: 

  • Mattresses and box springs 
  • Bedframes 
  • computer monitors 
  • non-flatscreen TVs 
  • Skis 
  • Strollers, cribs, car seats, breast pumps, and medical equipment like crutches.   

Check with the local charities to hear their specifics on what they will and will not accept as a donation.  Giving back to the community is important to us at Florida’s Best Moving and Storage. We are more than happy to assist you with the pickup and drop off your items at an affordable rate. We offer an hour minimum and can even bring or send you a copy of the donation receipt for your records. Call us today

Things to Consider When Donating Furniture 

For the most part you can expect similar requirements for charities receiving donations.  However, some organizations have different rules that you should consider before you donate.  Donations should be gently used and not broken or damaged.  

Charities will also offer you a tax receipt to document the value of your donation.  At Florida’s Best Moving we can text or email you a receipt once we drop off your items.  You can use the IRS Form 8283 to deduct your donation on your taxes.  

You can choose to donate before, during, or even after your move. You can donate even when you’re not moving! Florida’s Best Moving is here to lend a helping hand; give us a call or check us out on Facebook

Florida’s Best Movers Makes Donating Easy 

While we can help you store it, our family-owned business cares about giving back to our local community. If you don’t need something any more, it may be just the fit for someone else. We are happy to help you with furniture donations or other short-term moves. We offer one-hour minimums and know where larger items can be taken. Call/text Florida’s Best Moving and Storage for a quote today: 813-485-6580

*Update: Due to the impact of the current Coronavirus epidemic, many local donation centers are currently closed and not accepting donations. Once COVID-19 moves on, these locations will continue to clean and sanitize all of their donations received. Of course, we know great furniture cleaning companies as well for an additional level of protection and safety.